It is astounding! REgenerate the tissues that time and trauma DEgenerate

Mainstream medicine in the US is the world’s best at saving lives in an emergency. No question! However, sadly those brilliant physicians are not trained in how to slow our gradual age-related slide into poor health or in how to reverse damage and degeneration using the body’s own tools.

When the problem is Bone-on-Bone Knee or a Bum Hip, conventional medicine just orders a new synthetic joint that will hopefully last a few years. Back trouble? The norm is to take out the scalpel and perform what too often becomes the first of several back surgeries. If the problem is neurological, e.g. Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Traumatic Brain Injury or Cerebral Palsy, the usual method is medication to make the worst of the symptoms tolerable. (It is a clue to where I’m headed that those exact conditions are case studies listed in the book, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy that was written by 2 doctors.) If a patient’s concern is aging, the entrenched system is happy to pat us on the head and provide a pharmaceutical for every pain, complaint and errant blood test. Of course, as well all know if we’ve ever listened to the voice over of a TV drug commercial, ALL medications have side effects…some times deadly, but at the least generating the need for another drug for the new complaints.

What if the same power that built the body and repaired it in our youth (stem cells) could be enlisted to put our various parts back in proper working order? That seems too good to be true, but I can assure you it is not. You might ask, if that is really possible, why hasn’t my doctor recommended stem cells? That’s because breakthroughs often take 40 years to become common in medical practice (e.g. folic acid to prevent a type of birth defect). Change from current dogma is just naturally slow.  And, if we are talking about something natural for a disease (think vitamins and herbs for instance), it can take even longer because pharmaceutical companies will pull out all the stops to slow that competing approach. Those smart and well-funded giants are now firmly in control of medical schools, medical journals and the regulators, so they are very effective at casting doubt on anything they don’t profit from.

In preparing this post, I borrowed another book (heavy and $295!) called MSC—Clinical Evidence Leading Medicine’s Next Frontier, Mesenchymal Stem Cells. The leading edge of that “frontier” is already available to us. I’ve seen and experienced the mind-blowing improvements stem cells can make. However, not all types of stem cells are the same and you probably have questions. Here are some of the answers:

  • How do they work? It seems that having responded to distress signals from tissues, the stem cells then may encourage other cells into repair action. They can also become whatever type of cell is needed.
  • Will they help MY problem? That’s the main question isn’t it? The most common uses (with great results) are for knees, back, Achilles tendon and other issues involving ligaments, tendons and bones. On the government science database,, you can sort through over 300,000 papers on stem cells and find encouraging studies for example on cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as both rheumatoid and osteo arthritis.
  • Call (800)247-5731 for a complimentary, no-pressure, no-obligation phone consultation.
  • If you have a complaint caused by degeneration or trauma even to nerve tissue, the answer is still likely “yes”. However, the doctors I know and trust to provide stem cells do not treat any “diagnosis” using them. Although stem cells can be injected very close to a trouble spot, the cells are actually smarter than we are. They respond to distress calls from cells (inflammation is an example) and may go wherever they are the most needed in the body. That is why I get an infusion of stem cells periodically just to nip any problems of aging in the bud. That is also why I think that it sometimes takes longer than the usual few weeks for people to see the specific regeneration that brought them in…the cells might have been busy repairing something more important.
  • How will I know? First get a consultation. I have worked it out with the network I use to provide you with a consult at no cost if you mention Healthy by Nature. It can be done by phone. Call (800)247-5731 from anywhere in the country and they will tell you the nearest location. (Doctors interested in offering this method can also call the same number.) If you can get to the DFW area, Dr. Brunk will even give you x-rays if needed at no cost, again if you mention HBN.
  • What is the best type? From my investigation it seems clear that stem cells from human umbilical cords are far and away the most effective, least expensive and safest. Those umbilical cords not claimed by the mother at birth and stored for her future use would otherwise become medical waste. The umbilical cords are tightly controlled by what is the equivalent of blood banks. The source that seems to have the most careful quality control and density of cells extracted from the cords is called “Infiniti Stem Cells”.
  • Is it expensive and does insurance cover it? It is hard to answer that question because budgets vary. It is a tremendous value if the procedure gives you your life back! Some clinics charge outrageous prices. (Especially those that harvest your own tired stem cells with invasive and scary liposuction or bone marrow extract.) The type and providers I recommend may be no more costly than the co-pay for some of the surgical procedures that would be the alternative. It is unlikely that insurance will cover any stem cell procedure. (If they were smart, they would!)
  • Why don’t we already have enough stem cells? When we are born, we are endowed with an enormous number of stem cells. That is because they are needed to build tissues and organs of all types. Unfortunately, as we age like so many other systems, their numbers decline. Then we have a harder time rebounding from stresses and injury. By the time we are age 80, we only have 1% as many stem cells as we did at birth.
  • Is the procedure FDA approved? The FDA has approved some stem cell procedures for certain types of cancers. On the other hand they have sent warning letters to some fringe operators like clinics that injected a different type of material right into the eyeball. (Yikes! I would never recommend that.) Otherwise, they have neither approved or disapproved of what I am suggesting here. Hopefully, all providers of Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy will be as careful as mine and not give the FDA a reason to weigh in.
  • Does it hurt? Not in my experience. It is a very small needle I hardly notice.
  • Is there any concern about rejection, allergy or introduction of DNA from others? Not with human umbilical cord stem cells. I would not say the same is true of all other sources.

Nature is a fabulous healer, but sometimes we should give her an assist. Again, call the office of Dr. Darcy Brunk (800)247-5731 and for savings and the most support, let them know you heard about them from Martie Whittekin, CCN or Healthy by Nature.