• DFW area event. November 29. Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. An Exclusive Dinner Event with Dr. Peter McCullough & Dr. Aseem Malhotra at the Dallas Arboretum. Attendees will have the opportunity to dine with and hear from two-world renowned cardiologists. Five Times August will also perform LIVE. Attend or support a vaccine injured person. DETAILS
  • STEM CELL THERAPY. I’ve found Dr. Darcy Brunk to be an excellent teacher about INFINITI STEM CELLS at his restaurant-based seminars. Those “seminars” are now also being offered remotely via phone conference calls and webinars because of social distancing. I want everyone to know this: Infiniti Cells are Anti-Bacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal  Too many people suffer from an under-active immune system and every day the news shows us why we need to remedy that problem. Infiniti Cell Therapy is an ideal way to help restore folk’s natural defenses that can protect them from whatever challenges they face- (even COVID-19), while also regenerating and revitalizing their bodies. Link here to my article on stem cells.To be included in Seminars, conference calls and webinars: Achieve Vitality Website  Call 339-207-6131 for more information or a free consultation.


VIDEOS. Thanks to generous support from Achieve Vitality (Stem Cells) you and your family and friends can view all 11 excellent informative presentations given at the 2019 Health, Home and Garden Expo. The speakers’ slides are also available there as pdfs. Simply follow this link and sign in. Note: There are 2 pages of courses. After you first sign in, just click the blue “Enroll Free” button on each lecture you want to view.