The Best Outdoors Activities To Keep You Active And Healthy

Guest article

[Studies show that we benefit just from just being outdoors in nature before even we do anything.MW]

Some people are just not made for going to the gym. They want to stay fit and in good health, but the thought of being in a crowded gym doing monotonous exercises is a big turn-off. Regular workouts even at home are not ideal for some people since they are simply boring. Instead of doing these types of exercises, it makes more sense to stay active and fit by getting outside and doing a number of activities that work the muscles and keep you close to nature.

Being outside benefits you in so many ways so when you combine it with some form of exercise the benefits triple. You’ll be keeping your muscles toned and the blood circulating while also getting plenty of vitamin D and taking care of your mental health. In this article, we will go over several of the things that you can be doing outside that will give you plenty of exercises.


 Getting out on a fishing trip is one of the best ways to use nature as your gym. You are killing multiple birds with one stone. For starters, you are enjoying the fresh air and movement to stay active and alert. Then, you are catching fish that can be eaten and provide a ton of health benefits for your diet.

There are so many ways to go fishing that will keep you active so it really doesn’t matter where you are or what type of fishing you are most interested in. Even going deep-sea fishing on a boat is a form of exercise since it takes some muscle power to be setting up your downrigger release and bringing a heavy fish up from the depths can really work your muscles.

One of the best ways to exercise while fishing is to do some kayak fishing. Your boat will be powered by your body so it is like doing a total body workout while also bringing home some healthy fish to eat. There are two types of kayaks to use for fishing. There is the traditional one that requires paddling. Then there are ones designed specifically for fishing that leave your hands free since you use your feet to paddle.


 Hiking is a great way to get in a lot of cardio while also building up some muscle to give you a very good workout. There are so many ways to get out and hike no matter where you live with trailers ranging from flat and easy to more challenging hikes in mountainous areas that will build up your leg muscles making them fat-burning machines.

Because the terrain is generally uneven and sometimes gravelly, your muscles work even harder to keep you steady. This burns a lot of fat and gives your muscles an incredible tone. Keeping a steady heart rate while you hike also improves your cardio health at the same time.


 Biking is a very fun adventure that also keeps you fit at the same time. You can really get away from it all on a bike and explore an area thoroughly while also keeping the muscles pumping. Riding a bike is something that can be done in a variety of ways depending on your preference. For instance, mountain biking is a very challenging form of bike riding since it takes you off-road and onto some rough trails that are rocky and full of obstacles. For a great workout, there are few biking styles that are as good as mountain biking.

Road biking is also good, especially if there are some hills that you have to tackle which work the leg and core very well. Your core strength is very important as it controls your overall balance, and gives you a lot of overall strength.


 Not everybody wants or needs to do intense workouts when they’re outside. This is why gardening is a good option for them. It may seem like there is no effort involved and there wouldn’t be any exercise, yet it is a very healthy activity. It is a slow form of exercise that works muscles gently as you bend and move around.

Shoveling and weeding are more active than you think and will give you a good workout. So will moving soil around on your wheelbarrow and lifting bags of compost.

The other bonus that makes it a worthy healthy activity is that you will be eating more vegetables than normal since you are growing them yourself. Making it even healthier, you are eating the healthiest vegetables possible since you are picking them at their nutritional peak as opposed to when you buy them at the supermarket. Those vegetables have a lower nutritional value since they were picked before they had a chance to ripen.