It is not appropriate for HBN to tell our listeners to get vaccines or to avoid them, but rather to educate so that they can make informed decisions. I do think it is tragic that the medical community and media have so circled the wagons that there can be no debate about the research and potential issues. Does it have to be only “pro-vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers”? What if it was allowable to be a “smart vaxxer”? We cannot even get publicity for what Bill Sardi points out: “Dietary supplementation (zinc, selenium, vitamin C & D) is wise for all children who undergo vaccination if for nothing else than limiting side effects and increasing the effectiveness of vaccines.”  Those who dare to question or chose against are vilified unmercifully. I am pretty healthy and when I was young babies were not scheduled to have 23 different vaccines before 15 months of age and a total of 72 before they are done! Maybe if nothing else, we are overdoing it. Mainstream medicine cannot tell us what causes autism or autoimmune diseases. It is interesting that all the autoimmune diseases are listed on the product insert of vaccines. 

Some links of interest.

Insightful and detailed article on immunizations by Bill Sardi

Children’s Health Defense

Bill Maher TV interview with Dr. Jay Gordon, a pediatrician.

Autistic children have high amounts of aluminum in their brains. Could it be from immunization shots?

About the homeopathic alternative.

2018 Blog post: Is the Flu Shot Hysteria Based on Hard Science?

Between 9 and 11 am is the best time of day for seniors to get a flu shot

CDC suppressing evidence of immunization / autism link

Leaked drug company document outlines dozens of infant deaths after 6 in one shot.

Japan bans many vaccines and has lower infant death rates than we do.

Outstanding interview with vaccine rights attorney, Alan Phillips.

Beyond Vaccines

Vaccine blog post

Vaccine alternative – homeoprophylaxis radio show.

Swine Flu review

Dr. Tenpenny

This is a huge resource of articles on vaccines.

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