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cave folks

The Human Body Instruction Manual

We depend on our cars which are expensive to replace. Therefore, we usually drive in the right gear, change the oil, use the correct...

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Boy Screaming And Blocking Ears

ADD, Autism and Dyslexia

If you know a child or an adult with any of these issues, please check out our new Library page of information and resources.

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Martie Picks Favorite Shows, Articles & Products


MemoryWorks® is effective support for Focus, Mental Energy, Memory and Mental Performance in the form of a delicious powdered drink mix. It was created by the inventor of the country’s best selling product for focus and concentration, my friend Dr. Kyl Smith. Click here to learn more.

Personal Sauna

Who wouldn’t like a gift of more energy, less stress, fewer toxins and improved immune function? This is my favorite sauna and it is economical and collapsible for space-saving storage.

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