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first thksgiving

First Thanksgiving Menu

The Norman Rockwell vision of Thanksgiving we see today looks timeless. But, according to the first Thanksgiving menu had a decidedly different feel...

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Easy turkey recipe and gluten free sides

Let’s talk turkey and the trimmings…specifically an easy turkey recipe and gluten free sides Because of tradition and family pressures, I imagine any suggestion...

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500,000 seniors may die

That is an estimate of the annual loss in the developed world from use of psychiatric medications. Professor Peter C. Gotzche believes this fact is hidden in faulty drug trials. Read an interesting article on this shocking subject. Listen to a People’s Pharmacy radio interview with this expert.

dirty dozen

FREE report

12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them from the Environmental Working Group. This non-profit is a wonderful resource for information about safer foods, body care products and home cleaners. They also lobby to protect us. Check out their guide to sunscreens.


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