Food Combining

Last week, I wrote a blog article about cooked veggies versus raw. I probably should have mentioned that just because most vegetables are easier to digest cooked, that doesn’t mean you should worry about eating the raw carrot sticks on an appetizer platter (surely that’s better than heading for a brownie at the dessert end […]

Vegetables—raw or cooked?

Whether it is because you made a New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier food; or you want to lose weight by trading some of your starchy carbs for vegetables; or you know your friendly bacteria are waiting for their dinner; or you’ve just had a nagging voice in your head (memory of Mom’s advice?) that […]

When you need professional help

We often hear the claim that the US medical system is the best in the world. Really? For darn sure, if I’m ever in a serious accident, I hope it is here because our doctors are second to none at putting us back together. They are also skilled at helping us hang on a little […]

BIG improvements for 2023 from small changes

It is that time of year when most of us plan to do better in the months ahead. However, too many “turn-over-a-new-leaf” health resolutions fail. That is often because optimistic folks bite off too much at once thereby setting themselves up to fail. On the other hand, we could tackle just one of the items […]

Couldn’t hurt!

Most of the government recommendations (and mandates) that promised to prevent the spread of covid-19 did not do that and had a downside. For example, the shutdowns caused economic disaster for many, and we now know that school closings caused great emotional and educational harm to kids. As we have learned on Healthy by Nature […]

Beets me!

No, that isn’t a misspelling, as you probably guessed because of the photo, that is just me trying to be a little funny. We’ve all heard many times (maybe hundreds of times?) that we should eat more vegetables. Oh goody, French fries are vegetables, right? Well, yes, technically. However, you won’t be surprised that not […]

Giving Gifts of Health

Since our health is (or at least should be) our most prized possession, it is something to keep in mind at gift giving times. The fast easy route is a gift card. The theory is that the recipient can pick whatever item they want. However, I always feel guilty with those. Seems kind of like […]

Peter McCullough, MD answers 6 questions

When Dr. McCullough was on the HBN show last week, we did not get to all the questions I wanted to ask. Here are six he kindly answered after the taping. I have even more questions, but the good doctor has agreed to return Dec. 21st. You may email your questions to [email protected] 1. What […]

I am thankful for gratitude

As the great quote says, “It is not happiness that brings us gratitude, it is gratitude that brings us happiness.” With that in mind, the title above isn’t as silly as it might seem at first. Also, gratitude seems to be good for our health. (On I searched the database for “gratitude and health”. […]

Migraines are a Real Pain in the…in the…Head!

Although there is new information, this blog is largely a repeat of one that I did awhile back. My reasons: new subscribers wouldn’t have seen it; others might have an interest now that they didn’t before (e.g. a friend with migraines); the find-the-root-cause message applies to many other problems; and, so sorry, I needed a […]