Covid News and Views

I often feel compelled to offer alternative viewpoints on, for example, covid-19 since it seems that the mainstream media mainly just parrots what it hears from government institutions and organizations proven to be controlled by big pharma. Perhaps we can’t force a public debate that would air all viewpoints on the science, but at least […]

The Care and Feeding of Your Brain, Part 4

For a healthy brain, just as is the case for the rest of the body, it is important to avoid damaging substances and activities and to do more of those that are beneficial.  Previously, in Part 1 we discussed the brain dangers of smoking, and anticholinergic drugs (e.g. those with “PM” in their names.) Part […]

Listeners highlight controversies

Of course, I learn things every week from guest experts on the show, but I also learn a lot from our listeners! Sometimes they send me interesting information and I learn from research I do to answer their questions. Here are two examples. Stem Cell Therapy. I am an ardent believer that stem cell therapy […]

Covid-19 BRIEFS

No, we are not going to talk about the kind of “brief” shown in the photo above. Sleepwalking nearly naked in the snow along a road would not help covid-19 or anything else.  Brrr. The figure was actually just a very lifelike sculpture–a prank pulled February 2014 at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. As you might […]

Answers to questions for Sherry Rogers, MD, PART 2

These Q & A are about covid-19. (I’m thinking of doing a big covid-19 summary blog soon since the science is evolving, and the media is so often pushing the panic button about the wrong things! 😊) I have edited these questions a bit for space and clarity. In her book, High Blood Pressure Hoax, […]

Answers to questions for Sherry Rogers, MD, PART 1

I apologize! During her May 16, 2020 interview, we ran out of time for caller questions. So, Dr. Rogers suggested that we do a show focusing only on listener questions. I loved that idea; however, I should have known better than to attempt a “lightening round” where we would quickly cover a whole bunch of […]

To mask or not to mask, that is the question

The silly DIY mask shown in the photo is, of course, just for laughs. In stressful, confusing times like these, it helps to keep a sense of humor. Occasionally, someone (apparently without a sense of humor or negotiating skills) throws a screaming profane hissy fit because she was asked to wear a mask. The other […]

What is a picture REALLY worth?

The old saying is, “A picture is worth a thousand WORDS.” However, I think the picture above is worth tens of thousands … of LIVES, making it priceless. The chart (terrifying) shows that Covid-19 patients, who are deficient in vitamin D and end up in the hospital, may be almost certain to die. Learn more […]

Basic Supplement Program Suggestions

Recently, a listener, Wes, asked for a baseline for supplementation, a foundation as it were. That is a good question and this info may help others. Supplements, as the name implies, are NOT a replacement for a sound diet. They help fill in nutritional holes that are found in even great diets and compensate for […]

Breathing is a powerful FREE health boost IF we do it PROPERLY

This is a guest post courtesy of Andrew Shepherd, DC of Parker Wellness Centers. [brackets are Martie Whittekin, CCN additions] Proper breathing decreases the risk of disease AND improves immune system strength! However, many people are “shallow breathers” as a reaction to environmental stressors. Breathing in a shallow way keeps the body in a stress […]

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