Dr. Levy in Slo-Mo?

With some guests I can get engrossed in what they are saying and fail to translate and summarize as often as I should, especially when they get on a roll. I think that was the case with Tom Levy, MD when he was on HBN May 17. So, I thought it might be useful to […]

TAKE A HIKE! (Well, at least a walk…)

By now, surely everyone knows that exercising is good for whatever ails you. It is less well-known that you don’t have to join a gym, squeeze into yoga pants, or even buy fancy running shoes (Nike will survive)—just walk. As you will see, I’ve assembled this blog on that subject from 3 main sources (one […]

STROKE of luck?

The risk of having a stroke should not be left to chance. 795,000 Americans a year are not lucky in that regard and 137,000 of them do not get a second chance at prevention (or anything else). These days, strokes are happening to folks as young as 20 and more often to women. High blood […]

Blood pressure—we do want some

May is Blood Pressure Awareness Month. You may not know if yours is in a safe range or not, but if you are reading this, you do have some. There is a common term “what goes up must come down”. That applies to things affected by gravity but not necessarily to blood pressure. Blood pressure […]

Satisfying sweet tooths (teeth?)

Does it seem that the more sweets you eat the more you want? Well, it really does work that way for at least couple of reasons. One is that when your blood sugar spikes because of a sugar load, insulin brings it down but it can over-compensate. Then, when your blood sugar is low (hypoglycemia), […]

Too bad your dentist can’t fix a “sweet tooth”

I did a quick internet search for the origin of “sweet tooth”. Vocabulary.com reported “The phrase has been used in English for hundreds of years, since the late fourteenth century, and it comes from toothsome, an even older word meaning ‘delicious or tasty’. This sense of tooth standing in for taste gave rise to sweet […]


I have been curious about AI (artificial intelligence) being used to write articles (and term papers!). So, just for fun, I thought I’d give it a try on a topic of general interest but where no great harm would be done if the robot got the info wrong. (E.g. I wouldn’t ask a bot for […]

Breathing can be good for your health!

Yes, I know…you’ve been breathing regularly all your life. But…there is more to that story. This week’s blog is an extension of last week’s, Think your way to better health! Thinking about our breathing helps our health in many ways as is pointed out in the following article by Andrew Shepherd, DC. Also, check out […]

Think your way to better health!

Does that sound silly? It should not since you know at the least what you think determines your actions. Your actions can obviously either build health (e.g. go for a walk in nature) or destroy it (e.g. swallow a back alley discount pain killer that turns out to contain fentanyl). Beyond that, the brain tells […]

D is Dramatic

The consequences of vitamin D deficiency are indeed dramatic and not at all good. For far too long (according to Jeff Bowles, since the 1930’s), vitamin D has been underrated and even unfairly disparaged apparently to avoid distracting from drug approaches to health. We won’t be able to give the sunshine vitamin its due here, […]