What we should eat—SIMPLIFIED

Research clearly shows that a “bad diet” will shorten your life and likely make final years unpleasant. But, it is easy to be confused about what is a “good diet” with so many eating plans being promoted. Since we are all busy, I will present my thoughts on the subject so briefly that you will […]

Do the “experts” forget that the head is attached to the body?

What causes Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s? Here is a wacky thought—maybe it has something to do with what we do to the rest of the body. That stands to reason because the head has no independent source of fuel, oxygen, nutrients or detoxifying circulation. Obviously, we can benefit or hurt brain performance by how […]

I’d like to rewrite some headlines

You may have heard me say “why wasn’t THAT news on the front page of the paper?” (Or the TV news or your phone news feed or whatever.) I think that all the time! It seems that what makes health news is mainly what supports a big money interest or best protects the establishment. There […]

Clues to Cravings

Does a food or beverage seem to control you? This list may provide clues to the cause and remedy. Which describe you? You stay hungry even between meals and especially crave starchy or sugary foods. Possible causes: Eating too many carbs and not enough fats can throw leptin (an appetite and metabolism regulating hormone) out […]

Leapin’ Leptin – Part 2

I’m happy that I wrote about leptins for last week’s blog because it helped me figure out why I was craving carbs and gaining weight. I reversed both of those trends in one day and I’ll explain how. To review, leptin is a “boss” hormone / messenger produced by our fat cells. One function is […]

Leapin’ Leptin – Part 1

Leptin was Kat James’ topic during the first half of the program Saturday. It is an interesting subject, so I thought it might be helpful to review and expand a bit. For most of man’s entire history, lack of food was the danger. Therefore, our brain wisely responds to many signals to find food, eat […]


I chose the above photo because it made me smile.  Butter is not bad! Besides making food taste better, it is actually good for us. To begin with it helps us feel satisfied and is a source of the important fat soluble vitamins. Butter contains fatty acids that protect against cancer. One of those fats […]

Questions and Answers

Q. A website visitor asked if I had a recommendation about what to drink. A. The original plan was to drink pure water. That is still the best plan. We’ve always used filtered water at our home, but I finally found a reverse osmosis filter that I really like. It removes fluoride, is compact enough […]

Getting to the heart of heart health

February is American Heart Month. At some point you will likely hear that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of premature death. Well…not quite. When we add up deaths from medication side effects, medical errors and hospital acquired infections, the practice of medicine is number one. That gives us ample reason to prevent heart disease […]

Heartburn drugs can slowly kill you!

US consumers spend a fortune each year on heartburn medications ($6 billion in 2012 just on Nexium). Unfortunately, the popular proton pump inhibitor drugs have only been proven safe to use for a few weeks! These drugs are misrepresented as harmless. However, when used for months and years, they can have serious and even lethal side effects. […]

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