The Care and Feeding of Your Brain, Part 2

In Part 1, I covered 3 things that you DO NOT want to do to your brain if you want it to work normally throughout your senior years—smoking, anticholinergic drugs and heartburn drugs. Here are some more “do nots”: Antibiotics. Being mycotoxins (fungal poisons) they directly poison the brain. But, perhaps more importantly, they have […]

The establishment’s hostility over new red meat advice is suspicious

There is a natural human kneejerk resistance to change. That is certainly true when a scientific finding goes against the prevailing view. It may be a bit of “but, we always did it that way” mixed with “hey I don’t want to look bad because I advised something else”. But, there may also be something […]

Highlights of Bill Sardi Interview

On the show last week Bill Sardi explained some things what your doctor should tell you about your health from just seeing you walk in the door. Listeners and I also asked questions and since the show was so packed with valuable information, I thought it would be helpful to do a review. Aspirin. Studies […]

The Care and Feeding of Your Brain, Part 1

Who doesn’t want to learn quickly; remember well; feel alert; and be cheerful and optimistic? Hello brain, we’ve decided to take good care of you! Beyond what we usually think of as mental function, we should remember that if the brain isn’t working, then ultimately nothing works. That is because, along with our gut bacteria, […]

Is your brain growing or shrinking?

I was impressed with this article from Michelle Ward, MS* and, since it had not been published elsewhere, she kindly agreed to let me use it as my blog this week. New studies show that regular, moderate exercise has a beneficial effect on the brain as we age. With more than half of adults over […]

Interesting items of news

Whole body vibration, the gut and inflammation. I have been a fan of whole body vibration because it seems to help lymph drainage and who knows, it might jiggle off some fat. And, I’ve heard it may help back pain. But, now there is surprising medical news saying that spending time on a whole body […]

6 important facts you should know about bottled water

Purity. By law, bottled water is only required to be as good as tap water…which despite claims from the cities, you will see below, that is not very good. Most bottled waters start with tap water and at least filter the chlorine taste out. But, even “spring water” is just ground water under pressure. That […]

3 Simple Steps to Improve your Sleep

Since I’m just a little bit busy this week with last minute details of The 2019 Health, Home and Garden Expo, I invited a guest to do the blog this week, professional writer, Erika Long. The human body is an extraordinary machine which even the best minds may never be able to fully understand. What […]

Both Men and Women Need It

This hormone is powerful! The effects are approximately the same in both sexes, but a little goes a long way in women. There is no reason women can’t pay attention to the following diet and lifestyle suggestions, but only a doctor skilled in testing and bioidentical hormones should attempt supplementing the hormone itself…really for men […]

Stem cells / Constipation / Ultra-process foods

Stem Cells. I was beyond thrilled by what my guests told us on the show last week. I knew that therapy with Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cells could do marvelous things, but their stories (about cancer, kidney failure, Parkinson’s and more) elevated “marvelous” to “miraculous” for me. If you did not hear that program, I […]

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