Science shmience — “Evidence-based” medicine’s dirty secrets

This irony is a bitter pill. (Pardon the too-easy pun). Dietary supplements are routinely bashed as “unproven”.  No amount of epidemiological (population) evidence; hundreds of studies or thousands of consumer reports (testimonials) can convince the critics. What the medical experts claim to need is called by the reassuring name “evidence-based medicine”. That jargon means show […]

Will the FDA consider nutrition for disease prevention?

Those of us in the nutrition and natural medicine fields believe that we can be healthy if we give the body the all nutrients it needs for optimum function and don’t upset our systems with chemicals and other things it can’t handle. Probably most people who haven’t had the common sense beaten out of them […]

Bill Sardi Tackles Tough Topics

On last Saturday’s Show, we answered calls, discussed some of the following topics and touched on the 3 incredible articles listed at the bottom. Here is a brief review of the show as promised.  TOPICS: The resveratrol life. Bill Sardi lives the resveratrol life and credits that in large part to the fact that at […]

Dangers lurk in the center of the grocery store

The “foods” on which industry makes the most profit are displayed in the boxes, packages and cans displayed in the middle of the store. Interestingly, that is also where we find the products we should avoid to become or stay healthy. For example: Cereals, cookies, crackers, breakfast and energy bars, candy, starchy snacks, lunch cakes, […]

Even tiny doses of poison will add up to big trouble

In murder mysteries, sometimes the villain adds a drop of poison to someone’s daily tea or muffin. The damage silently accumulates over time and then the poor victim dies “suddenly” of unknown causes. No one suspects the culprit. Unfortunately, the same thing is happening to all of us and there are many villains. Multitudes of […]

Bill Sardi answers tough questions

Yikes! I can’t take notes fast enough when Bill Sardi is the guest—especially when we take several listener calls…each with a different health issue. I imagine that many listeners have the same problem and so I listened to the show again and summarized his advice in this blog. This also gives me a chance to […]

3 noteworthy revelations from recent research

What if a drug could do this? A new study shows that in just 30 days of restoring low levels of the mineral magnesium, the following were significantly improved: poor memory, sexual energy, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, asthma, hand tremors, headaches, muscle weakness/cramping/spasms, craving of salt or chocolate and a lot more. (Can you […]

You should throw a party for your gut buddies

My mom used to remind me that “statistics don’t lie, but statisticians do”. Keep that in mind while trying to better understand the dire proclamations we hear about deaths attributed to the flu. As it turns out the government agency in charge of keeping track (the Centers for Disease Control) doesn’t really know.  By their […]

Media ignores a natural cancer breakthrough

I couldn’t resist the irony of the photo above. Plastic bottles like these are made with the hormone-disrupting plasticizer, BPA or its equally worrisome cousin, BPS. Animal studies have linked those chemicals to cancer. Therefore, using them in breast cancer fundraising is akin to selling donuts to raise money for diabetes! The media has no […]

Is the flu shot hysteria based on hard science?

The influenza news reports would have us believe that the sky is falling. There is no question that the flu can be nasty to endure and can be dangerous. This flu “season” may be more deadly than usual in part because the dominant strain, H3N2, is strong. Of course, no one wants the flu, but […]

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