Bone up on calcium

Ask average people on the street “what is needed for strong bones?” and they will answer simply “calcium”. That shows the tremendous power of marketing and repetition. The positive calcium message got a big boost in 1956 when the “4 Food Groups” charts appeared in schools. But, going back to 1915, the National Dairy Council […]

Covid-19 January 2022 Summary

*                                       Hello readers, The following information is an overview of where we are in the pandemic in my opinion. I asked our hero, Peter A. McCullough, MD to do a quick scan and make sure my summary doesn’t stray too far from what he has taught us on the program. As busy as he is, […]

Nebulize Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to fight Covid-19

This is a review of the Hydrogen Peroxide / Nebulizer protocol that Dr. Levy discussed on the show Christmas Day. Specifically, these are quotes from Dr. Levy’s article about his medical colleague’s experience with patients who were sick with covid illness of various degrees of severity–including serious advanced cases. [Notes like these are my additions]. […]

Detoxifying Alcohol

Glutathione–A Key to Detoxifying Alcohol This is a guest post by Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN Scientific Director, Essential Formulas, Inc. [Note: italicized text in square brackets like these are additions by Martie Whittekin, CCN] [Before Dr. Pelton’s impressive article, first a word about the hangovers that too often follow New Year’s Eve celebrations. Prevention […]

Protect yourself from EMF

When Stephanie McCarter, MD was on the December 11 HBN show we discussed the many worrisome health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Below is supplemental information I copied from some of her lecture slides. SIGNS & SYMPTOMS OF EMF SENSITIVITY: Insomnia Short-term memory loss Headaches/Dizzy Anxiety/Depression Irritability Fatigue Vertigo/ Tinnitus Brain Fog Sound/Startle Sensitive Skin […]

The Gift of Hope

It upsets me greatly to hear doctors warn patients away from alternative treatments saying that those only offer “false hope”. First, the definition of hope is “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” Therefore, if you have hope, you do have it and therefore […]

Relax your way to better health

Relax your way to better health Premature aging, pain, fatigue, and serious diseases if not caused by, are at least worsened by toxics we all encounter daily. The far infrared sauna (FIR) is a wonderful tool for detoxifying and reversing much of the damage that has been done. It is recommended for helping with a […]

Environmental estrogens make MEN & WOMEN fat, sick and infertile

During the November 20, 2021 program, we got a wake-up call from Anthony G. Jay, PH.D. about a class of chemicals that are assaulting our bodies and brains. Dr. Jay is a Mayo Clinic researcher and the author of Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile. The quick review below is not […]

A Very Positive Negative

“Negative” usually indicates something bad, right? Well, not if you test “negative” for a disease and certainly not in the case of negative ions in the air. Those are what make us feel so invigorated when we are around a waterfall or the shore. They make us feel so good that Dr. Earl Mindell, the […]

Bill Sardi Answers MORE Questions

The following is a review of points covered during Bill Sardi’s October 30, 2021 interview. Link to McCullough article on the Lew Rockwell site that Sardi mentioned. Social Security. if adjusted for inflation, today’s average monthly payment, instead of $1,453 would be $7,611! (Good lesson here about the loss of buying power with inflation and […]

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