The impact of drugs on gut microbes is greater than we thought

There is no question that we absolutely depend on the friendly bacteria in our digestive tract to help run most, if not all, systems in the body. Unfortunately, these little helpers are constantly under attack from chemicals in our food, air and water. I’ve been saying for a long time that antibiotics are not the […]

How to pick a great multivitamin

As you surely realize, dietary supplements are just that—something to improve upon a good diet, not a substitute for one. A multivitamin/mineral is a good foundation for a supplement program, but some brands are not very much help. It might be tempting to select a multi that does a lot of advertising on TV or […]

Life Changing Book

My guests on the June 1st show were award-winning true crime author, John Leake, and Peter McCullough, MD who are the authors of: THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. (I was much happier than I look in that picture.) While I began with a profound respect for […]

CONNECT THE DOTS…Gluten → leaky gut → autoimmune disease → Alzheimer’s

    Graphic credit On last week’s show, Dr. Tom O’Bryan shared ideas based on his book, You Can Fix Your Brain, on how to have a better long-term memory and a sharper mind. He started with the source of perhaps the biggest threats—gluten, leaky gut and autoimmune disease. I took a bunch of notes […]

Effective Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

Guest blog courtesy of Andrew Shepherd, DC of Parker Wellness Center Everything that works does not have to be hard. Simple tricks can add up to progress. We learned that years ago when I interviewed Brian Wansink, author of the fascinating book, Mindless Eating, Why We Eat More Than We Think. Dr. Shepherd provided the […]

Follow up to Sardi Interview

I mentioned during the recent replay of a Bill Sardi interview, that I would include review points from that show in this week’s blog. Since people can click this link to listen to the show again in the archives, I will focus most on questions that came too late or that we only skimmed over. […]

Intermittent Fasting

Fred Pescatore, MD and I discussed the health benefits of the low carbohydrate diet when he was on the show 4/27. Clearly, the what to eat is NOT refined carbohydrates. Off the air I mentioned to him a really bad example I had seen on a baking show–Cookie Salad. I thought it was just something […]

How to Limit Spike Protein Damage

For a long time we have been hearing about the covid-19 virus and its spike protrusions known as “spike proteins”. That is the part of the virus which enters human cells through ACE2 receptors and that has been the case for all variants. The spike protein is apparently what causes damage to the cardiovascular system, […]

We should see drug trial results BEFORE approval!!!

The photo shows that just because something is a trend doesn’t make it a good idea. (More about that below.) This blog is built mostly of highlights lifted from an independent newspaper’s analysis (compiled by Dr. Joseph Mercola). The article summarizes a batch of 11,000 Pfizer vaccine trial documents, which was released by the U.S. […]

PART 2- Sherry Rogers, MD – Pearls of wisdom

The following is the second part of a review of some main points from Dr. Rogers’ recent interview. I’m afraid that even broken into two parts, this is still a lot. And, if you are new to HBN, know that it is not typical of the user-friendly level that we aim for. Please note that […]

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