Sherry Rogers, MD – Interview Review

Over the past few months, Dr. Rogers has spent 4-6 hours a day digesting all the scientific studies that relate to covid-19. I believe that we should listen to Dr. Rogers–not just because of her impressive credentials and stellar history, but also because, at age 77, she plays tennis two hours a day and is […]

Bill Sardi’s Covid-19 SUMMARY

The photo of the ceramic cat with the mask was taken at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Norte in Plano. Son Andy Hopkins named it “Catvid-19”. Investigative Health Journalist, Bill Sardi, has been relentlessly studying all aspects of the pandemic and has written many articles about it. For the convenience of his legions of followers, […]

Taming Allergies

A listener’s question about allergies reminded me that it might be time to shift gears from covid-19 and talk about a different source of misery. Spring is prime time for seasonal allergies. These are usually caused by sensitivity to pollen released from trees and weeds. A great many folks suffer stuffy noses, sinus pressure, coughing, […]

BAD News vs GOOD News – Part 2

NOTE: In Part 1, we discussed the age connection with covid-19; gut health; research showing that the disease is less lethal than we’ve been told; mental health during confinement; and that pets and zoo animals can get the virus. We continue today… Bad news. Some experts say that we may have a second wave of […]

BAD News vs GOOD News – Part 1

Reading the front page of the newspaper and watching the evening news, with their “daily dose of depressing data”, can easily get a person down. Happily, Healthy by Nature routinely offers good news to balance all that and help keep you in the healthy section of the covid-19 graphs. Bad news. The coronavirus seems to […]

Sardi Answers (#2) and More

In last week’s blog, I promised to finish up Bill Sardi’s answers to questions that came up in connection with his April 4th interview on the radio show. By the way, the photo above is just for fun. The restaurant has been a New York theater district landmark for 90 years and is not named […]

Coronavirus—Bill Sardi Answers Listener Questions #1

One positive thing about the covid-19 crisis is that we’ve been forced to learn more about how our immune systems work and how nutrients protects us. That knowledge will be helpful next year for avoiding the seasonal flu. This year, the flu has reportedly claimed 24,000 American lives. (Why no official panic and quarantine about […]

Coronavirus, What to Do Naturally—Part 3

First a brief list of natural approaches, then a list of great resources about covid-19. One resource noted below is a new article I wrote on drugs we should be careful of regarding the virus. More on zinc. It has been demonstrated in the following link that the trace mineral zinc inhibits the replication of […]

Coronavirus What to Do Naturally—Part 2

OPTIMISM.  Do you like the “I survived Corona Virus 2020” t-shirt in the photo? (You can buy one at this link – note, we are not affiliated with them.) Virtually everyone reading this blog will have soon earned the right to wear one because the odds of contracting the virus are very low and the […]

HBN Coronavirus Tips and Review-PART 1

I am NOT happy that I need to write about this topic again. But, as you may have noticed, this pandemic is still spreading and there is currently no end in sight. We get lots of advice from the usual news channels about how to slow the spread of the virus. (Here is an excellent […]

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