There is a “con” in the vitamin D “controversy”

Most media articles on vitamin D quote studies that say there is no consensus that vitamin D helps whatever the disease that study focused on. At the very least, they say that more study is needed before people start supplementing. I’d like to debunk that so-called “debate”. Humans are designed to get sunshine. Sunlight, among […]

HBN’s guiding principles

It seemed it might be time that we reviewed the bedrock beliefs that guide Healthy by Nature’s choice of guests, sponsors, blog topics, consumer events and well, everything: We should reject classic fake news. The gradual decline in health and vigor with age may be typical in the USA, but it is unnatural and unnecessary. […]

Why we must be very picky about vitamin brands

Technically, in the photo above, both are cars. But no one would confuse the junker on the left with the $12 million Rolls-Royce Sweptail on the right. The differences among dietary supplements are almost as dramatic. Bogus study hits the news. A recent review of studies proceeded as though crappy supplements are just as beneficial […]

Stay off the slippery slope to crisis medicine

  Too often, people land in US hospitals where 440,000 of them die each year due to medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. Also, in hospitals, over 100,000 patients die annually from side effects of medications administered as prescribed. Besides those scary risks, it is just no fun! We hope not to be hospitalized with a […]

7 foods proven to put you in a bad mood

I saw this copy as a flier in the office of Dr. Andrew Shepherd. I thought it was useful and he gave me his permission to use it. Thanks, Doc! [I couldn’t resist adding a note here and there.] “There’s a reason our stomachs are sometimes called our second brains. Our gut produces about 90% […]

Bottomless cup of disease?

The cup pictured above is a marvel of technology. It contains a chip that tells the coke machine to let you have as much as you want, as often as you like of the dozens of soft drink choices it dispenses at the push of a button. Royal Caribbean cruise ships offer this cup as […]

Health-giving tea that is purer, better tasting and uniquely convenient

Just as there are dog people and cat people, it seems there are coffee people and tea people. I understood the benefits of tea and herbs and that is why until recently I had a cupboard full of open (stale) tea boxes. I remained one of those coffee people. About the same time that I […]

Sherry Rogers, MD on thyroid, glaucoma, pancreatic cancer and more

My radio show last week with Sherry Rogers, MD was so dense with information that I listened to it again in the archives. These are my notes. First, was our discussion of the thyroid and at the end I list caller questions and her answers. (After the program, Dr. Rogers said to mention our show […]

Science shmience — “Evidence-based” medicine’s dirty secrets

This irony is a bitter pill. (Pardon the too-easy pun). Dietary supplements are routinely bashed as “unproven”.  No amount of epidemiological (population) evidence; hundreds of studies or thousands of consumer reports (testimonials) can convince the critics. What the medical experts claim to need is called by the reassuring name “evidence-based medicine”. That jargon means show […]

Will the FDA consider nutrition for disease prevention?

Those of us in the nutrition and natural medicine fields believe that we can be healthy if we give the body the all nutrients it needs for optimum function and don’t upset our systems with chemicals and other things it can’t handle. Probably most people who haven’t had the common sense beaten out of them […]

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