Drug Blues and Nutrition News

Drug Blues and Nutrition News Every single day around the world there is more information about our near miraculous nutrients and plants. However, because wealthy big pharma can lobby the news media so effectively, what we usually hear about are drugs they hope will someday be a silver bullet. They kind of forget that most […]

Selenium is a superstar

The trace mineral selenium certainly doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The following items are not in priority order because they are all extremely important. Thyroid. An under-functioning thyroid gland can be responsible for depression, high cholesterol, constipation, pain, heart trouble, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, hair loss, memory issues and other problems. Learn more. Inadequate intake […]

Colds and Flu Remedy KIT

In a previous article, I discussed preventing colds and flu, but if we unfortunately get sick we need to know what to do. Most people have a cold for about 7 days and feel subpar after the flu for up to 2 weeks. However, with quick action using natural methods, you can nip a problem […]

Is it really the season or is it us?

Avoid Colds and Flu! It is called “the colds and flu season” because so many get sick during that time. But, you and your family don’t have to be victims. Follow these steps to be the “lucky” ones who don’t get whatever is going around at school or the office. Some of the common seasonal […]

What is old becomes new again…mostly

Husband Bill gave me a 1940 magazine that he found in a box of items from a departed relative. I thought it might be fun to poke throut gh Physical Culture. Not only was it fun, but also interesting. It turns out that the publisher, Bernarr Macfadden (1868-1955) shown above posing as Michelangelo’s David, was […]

We are very AWARE—now let’s PREVENT cancer!

We’ve been waging a conventional “war on cancer” since 1971 and yet death rates have remained relatively the same. The war strategy has been to find some silver bullet (translate that as “drug”) to kill cancer after it is established—i.e. we’ve been fighting the forest fire. We should be telling people how to blow out the match before it […]

Be a savvy consumer of “health care”

If I’m ever in an accident, I sure hope it is in the US, because our doctors are second to none at putting us back together. They are also fabulous for holding down the fort when a disease is in crisis. However, for prevention of disease and for the treatment of chronic disease, we have a poor record. The United […]

The body gives us subtle signs

As I’ve mentioned many times, the body is by its wonderful nature, supposed to be healthy. But, to enjoy its health potential, we must follow two basic rules. One – give it everything it needs for optimum function. We need nutrition (for example, protein, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals). We also need water, sleep, sunshine, movement […]

Normal blood pressure naturally

There is no debate about whether or not excessively high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke and other problems. However, there is a battle over what level is too high and something of a war about how to best get levels lowered. Levels. The recommended “safe upper level” keeps being lowered. […]

Newsy bits and trusted sources

  I am very fussy from whence I get my health news because there is a lot of nonsense floating around…too often even in medical journals. (You might want to read my post on Medicine’s Dirty Secrets  and/or Ron Hoffman, MD’s Why most health news is fake news.) I think it is important to know […]

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