FDA’s war on homeopathy

Access to Homeopathy Threatened by Latest FDA Action Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that has been used by untold millions of people around the world since the 1800’s. (Even the British royal family!) People love it and the medical literature includes hundreds of clinical trials demonstrating its safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, we are […]

Just say “NO” to the colds and flu season

Why do we have a “the colds and flu season”? Good question. I believe it is mainly because we change our behavior. But, you and your family don’t have to be victims. Follow these steps to be the “lucky” ones who don’t get whatever is going around at school or the office. Some of the […]

Do statin drugs lower testosterone and cause cataracts?

Our good friend Bill Sardi brings us important health news that the media misses. Well, gee…I think too often they don’t “miss” natural health news and drug negatives…they just fear annoying the drug companies who spend so many billions on advertising. In a very interesting recent blog, Mr. Sardi brings us up to date on […]

Invisible and powerful but for good or evil?

Adults learn early that “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” is nonsense. But, too many are lulled into thinking that if “seeing is believing” then the reverse must be true…”if you can’t see it, it doesn’t matter”. We can’t see energy, but it can be good or bad for us. Examples of POSITIVE Invisible […]

Foods “they” said were healthful may not be

Steven Gundry, MD’s diet advice has helped thousands of patients lose weight and regain their health from really tough challenges. The surprise is that he didn’t offer the standard advice to eat less, limit fats and to consume whole wheat and brown rice. The notes below are a quick review of a few key points […]

Test your product sugar knowledge with this quiz

By now you all know the drill—sugar is bad for health. I imagine most readers have switched off of sweet soft drinks (hopefully the artificially sweetened ones too) and are keenly aware that they are taking a detour from their healthy path when they drink sodas or eat candy, cake, pie, cookies, puddings, ice cream, […]

On the fence about flu shots?

  With all the hype, pressure, and availability everywhere (even for free), can we assume that there is no controversy about getting an annual flu shot? No, there is controversy. As evidence, I do not know a single integrative physician, functional medicine doc, naturopath or nutritionist who thinks they are a good idea for most […]

The Care and Feeding of Your Brain, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 I covered things that you DO NOT want to do if you want your brain to work optimally throughout your life. That list included smoking, anticholinergic drugs, heartburn drugs, antibiotics, agricultural chemicals in our food, sugar (and mercury) in corn syrup, and excitoxins (such as those contained in vaccines). […]

The Care and Feeding of Your Brain, Part 2

In Part 1, I covered 3 things that you DO NOT want to do to your brain if you want it to work normally throughout your senior years—smoking, anticholinergic drugs and heartburn drugs. Here are some more “do nots”: Antibiotics. Being mycotoxins (fungal poisons) they directly poison the brain. But, perhaps more importantly, they have […]

The establishment’s hostility over new red meat advice is suspicious

There is a natural human kneejerk resistance to change. That is certainly true when a scientific finding goes against the prevailing view. It may be a bit of “but, we always did it that way” mixed with “hey I don’t want to look bad because I advised something else”. But, there may also be something […]

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