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ADD, Autism and Dyslexia RESOURCES

Because the brain is firmly attached to the body (hopefully) and shares both its resources and threats, it should come as no surprise that the brain and nervous system thrive or struggle based on everything that we do. Genetics plays some role in every health concern, but the more controllable factors such as nutrition and toxicity from multiple sources should be explored. Why did I put all three of these issues on the same page? It is because of the overlap. Just because a factor is categorized below, that doesn’t mean it may not also be involved in other conditions. For example, the Irlen Institute offers help for those with problems with handling visual information and that can be a factor in all three of these conditions. It seems that our gut bacteria are a factor in virtually every condition. So, although this study focused on Autism spectrum, probiotics should be considered in all three of these. Likewise, a study showed that giving probiotics to infants dramatically reduced the incidence of ADHD and Asperger Syndrome. By age 13, 17.1% of the children in the placebo had a diagnosis compared to none in the probiotic treated group.


•  Daniel G. Amen, MD and his wife, nurse Tana, have shown with brain scans that there are seven types of ADD which each benefit from a different treatment.

His book: Healing ADD Revised Edition: The Breakthrough Program that Allows You to See and Heal the 7 Types of ADD 

Related cookbook:Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Cookbook

My interview with Tana. (She did a great job.)

Link to their site on the 7 types

4-minute test

Other good books by Tana: The Omni Diet and Eat Healthy with the Brain Doctor’s Wife Cookbook

Public TV Special DVD

•  Doris Rapp, MD is a pioneer in the effects of allergy and environmental chemicals on health and behavior. She is the world-renowned author of a number of books including:

32 Tips That Could Save Your Life

Is This Your Child?

Our Toxic World

Our radio interviews:

Basics of how foods and chemicals affect behavior and brain function.
Back to School and how to keep our children safe (Food/Chemicals)
More on the risks of medications and those from chemicals in foods and schools   

•    Food additives at the least seem to aggravate these problems and we certainly don’t need these chemicals. Find useful information on the website of the Feingold Association. Link here to an interview with Jane Hersey and Teresa Holler.


I used a photo of a boy for this page because boys are nearly 5 times more likely to be affected.

•    Nicole Chalmers and her husband professional golfer, Greg Chalmers founded a charity to help parents of autistic children. (Watch an appeal from their son Max.) Link to my interview with her and Nicole Wallace of the Kotsanis Institute on the basics of autism and treatment options.

•    Interesting article by Dan Rossignol, MD, FAAFP:  Diagnosis Autism: Now what? A Simplified Biomedical Approach

•    Temple Grandin, PhD — Listen to our interview. Temple’s own website. Future Horizons

•    A useful book by parents Robert J. Stevens and Catherine E. Stevens MS, Finding Robert: What the Doctors Never Told Us About Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Hard Lessons We Learned

•    The Autism Research Institute of San Diego, CA provides information on Autism and related childhood disorders. I particularly like their chart that rates treatments.

•    Gluten and autism? Study confirms link.

•    Study on acupuncture for autism.

•    Pregnancy. A huge study showed that if a mom does not have sufficient folic acid in her body 6 weeks before conception and during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, her risk of bearing a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD or autism) may be increased as much as 40%. LINK.

•    Mom’s gestational diabetes is associated with increased risk of offspring with autism.

•   The National Autism Association

•    Nutrients are linked.

•    Might resveratrol help?

•    Do Vaccinations Cause Autism? I will organize the information I have on this for an upcoming newsletter.


•    What is it exactly and can it be reversed? Phyllis Books, DC seems to think so, given that title of her book is Reversing Dyslexia.  Link here to my interview with her.

•    The Irlen Institute should be of special interest to anyone with reading difficulties. Their interesting approach involves colors.


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