25 Benefits of Vitamin D

The simplest solution to your biggest health concerns.

  1. Fights infections, such as colds and flu
  2. Naturally boosts the immune system
  3. Destroys bacteria and viruses
  4. Aids in calcium absorption
  5. Improves bone health, including teeth
  6. Aids in the proper assimilation of vitamin A
  7. May reduce the risk of colorectal, prostate & other deadly cancers by 30-50%
  8. Helps to maintain normal cell growth
  9. Assists in reducing high blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks
  10. May reduce the risk of developing autoimmune disorders
  11. Has been shown to boost mood & overall sense of well-being
  12. Improves DNA repair
  13. Increases energy levels
  14. May slow the growth of cancer cells
  15. Aids in relieving depression
  16. Reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia in pregnant women
  17. Improves muscle strength, including the heart
  18. May enhance fertility in men & women
  19. Inhibits the proliferation of prostate cancer cells
  20. Inhibits bladder cancer cell growth
  21. May reduce the risk of breast cancer
  22. Reduces oral inflammation which may help combat periodontal disease
  23. Encourages a healthy body weight
  24. May reduce hardening of the arteries
  25. Increases secretion of insulin & decreases blood sugar levels

*Dr. Kotsanis recommends having your Vitamin-D3 levels tested before supplementation to determine need and correct dosage.

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