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December 31st Malcolm McLeod, MD: Show; Lifting Depression Naturally Buy this book 123105.wma
December 24th Gwen Olsen, Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher Buy this book 122405.wma
December 17th David Holland, MD / Jerry Cochern, CN, CNC on Candida Yeast and remedies 121705.wma
December 10th Dr. Dossie Post – Aloe Vera health benefits and differences in manufacturing 121005.wma
December 3rd Bill Sardi – Fats and Oils, and Yoanna – the gift of beautiful skin 120305.wma
November 26th Tim Bolen and Bill Sardi – don’t take your health or health freedoms for granted 112605.wma
November 19th Dana Carpendar – Cooking for the holidays 111905.wma
November 12th Daniel Nader, DO :Cancer Treatment Centers of America 111205.wma
November 5th Michael Murray, ND: The Encylopedia of Healing Foods
Click here to buy the book
October 29th Kenneth Cooper, MD: The Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas, TX, www.cooperaerobics.com
October 22nd Sherry Rogers, MD : The High Blood Pressure Hoax , Books and Total Wellness Newsletter: www.prestigepublishing.com   or 1-800-846-6687 102205.wma
October 15th Carl Keen, PHD: U of Cal – Davis, Nutrition Chair Researcher on nutrition
David Wolfe : Naked Chocolate Buy book : ” Naked Chocolate ” or ” Eating for Beauty ”
Katrina Merrem : Chocolatier , http://www.nokachocolate.com/contact.html   or 1-877-270-8209
October 8th Albert Siebert, PhD: The Resiliency Advantage 100805.wma
October 1st Becky Wright, RD, LD:Cancer Treatment Centers of America 100105.wma
September 24th Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporter: Feed Your Genes Right 092405.wma
September 17th Anne Louise Gittleman, PHD: Fast Track One Day Detox Diet 091705.wma
September 10th Sherry Rogers, MD: Detoxify or Die and other books, go to our online store for a list 091005.wma
September 3rd Bill Sardi: Natural substitutes for prescription drugs. Nutrition in the news. 090305.wma
August 27th Laurie Steelsmith, ND: Natural Choices for Women’s Health 082705.wma
August 20th Kathy Perry:Cellular Health, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure 082005.wma
August 13th Saul Katz: Low Glycemic Solo Bars
Jonathan Walker, MD, Neurologist: Neurotherapy Center of Dallas
August 6th Bill Sardi, Health Journalist : Natural substitutes for prescription drugs. Nutrition in the news. 080605.wma
July 30th Kathy Perry: Codex & US threats to vitamin availability. / Cancer book by Dr. Mathias Rath, FREE, ask your health food store or call 800#

Robert Noble, MD: Andropause 972-458-9944

July 23rd Pete Billac: The Silent Killers – book Bill Johnson: HighTech Health Alkaline Water  Far Infrared Saunas 072305.wma
July 16th Marc David: The Slow Down Diet (Eating for pleasure, energy and weight loss) 071605.wma
July 9th James LaValle, RPH, CCN, ND: Cracking the Metabolic Code 070905.wma
July 2nd Dr. Paul Whitcomb:Non-surgical Fibromyalgia Treatment 070205.wma
June 25th Dr. Lindsey Duncan:Genesis Today Products 062505.wma
June 18th Yoanna Kanalakis:Free skin consultation & coupon 1-800-366-4617 061805.wma
June 11th Kathy Perry – Nutrient Deficiency & Heart Disease Topics: Dr. Matthias Rath’s book, Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks, but People Do, Nutritional deficiency as cause of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C, L-Proline, L-Lysine, fight over treatment of HIV in Africa, animals make vitamin C, Codex 061105.wma
June 4th Sherry Rogers, MD:Detoxify or Die and other books, go to our online store 060405.wma
May 28th Bill Sardi:The Anti-aging Pill. Scientists find the genetic switch for longevity and the molecule that turns it on. 052805.wma
May 21st Jay Cohen, MD: What You Must Know About Statin Drugs; Overdose; The Magensium Solution for High Blood pressure 052105.wma
May 14th Dr. Lindsey Duncan:Genesis Today Products 051405A.wma
May 7th Dana Carpender:Column in The Dallas Morning News 050705.wma
April 30th Fred Pescatore, MD : Hamptons Diet, Melissa Diane Smith: Going Against the Grain, James Krystosik, DC:Carbs from Heaven, Carbs from Hell 043005.wma
April 23rd Becky Wright, RD, LD:Cancer Treatment Centers of America 042305.wma
April 16th Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporter:Feed Your Genes Right 041605.wma
April 9th Michael Samuels, DO:Targeting Your Health 040905.wma
April 2nd Dr. Lindsey Duncan:Genesis Today Products 040205.wma
March 26th Bob Gable, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Massey:Cureaderm and Phytacare 032605.wma
March 19th Bill Sardi:The Anti-aging Pill. Scientists find the genetic switch for longevity and the molecule that turns it on. 031905.wma
March 12th David Seckman NNFA & Winna Henry IAACN: Legislative issues 031205.wma
March 5th Gayle Pruitt, CN: Nutritionist and Chef:healthy diets and cooking with MacNut Oil 030505.wma
February 26th Bill Wheeler PhD: Diabetes and Nutrition 022605.wma
February 19th Gary Weingarden, MD, The Heart Place (cardiologist) 021905.wav
February 12th Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Genesis Today Products 021205.wav
February 5th Roy Vinson, CHE, President, Heart Hospital of Austin 020505.wav
January 29th Cass Ingram, DO, Book: Nutrition Tests for Better Health 012905.wav
January 22nd Fran Di Giacomo, I’d Rather Do Chemo Than Clean Out the Garage: Choosing Laughter Over Tears 012205.wav
January 15th Fred Pescatore, MD, The Hamptons Diet book, Hamptonite Newsletter 011505.wav
January 8th Steve Atchley, MD, Organic Grass Fed Beef and Cardiology 010805.wav
January 1st Earl Mindell PhD: 150 natural remedies  


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