August 23, 2023

In the second half of the program, Dr. Earl Mindell, the renowned pharmacist and author of the famous Vitamin Bible, today  discusses his book, The Happiness Effect: The Positive Benefits of Negative Ions. (Who couldn’t use more happiness?) The negative ion generator that I use is Ionbox. To enter the drawing for a prize package of three different ionbox products, do this: before midnight 09/02/23, either (1) subscribe to the newsletter or (2) send an email with your street mailing address to [email protected] and put “contest” in the subject line. (Note, we never share any addresses.)

I am actually the first guest. In a switcheroo, Jack Brown from Lily of the Desert interviews me a second time regarding the 4th edition of my Aloe vera book. (That book is now available FREE with just a $5 shipping and handling fee. LINK). Also, This links to the show when he first interviewed me on the internal use of Aloe vera.

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