August 31, 2019

Bill Sardi was my guest.  We talked about the role of stomach acid. This is his article on that subject. Mr Sardi thinks most stomach acid pills, betaine HCL, are over-priced. He is offering one at a bargain price. 800-247-5731) We will also talked about bile, another important digestive fluid. Here is a link to new article,  BILE, HEART DISEASE, GALLSTONES & VITAMIN C. The FREE BOOK on gallbladder. Learn more about Formula 216 / 833-848-2216. Article on antiaging.

Mr. Sardi is our resident answer man about dietary supplements. He is commercially involved in the following products we are delighted to advertise at HBN : Molecular Multi 800-247-5731Longevinex 866-405-4000Formula 216 / 833-848-2216; Garligest for heartburn and Garlinex 866-674-3955). email –


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