July 11th, 2015

It is the mission of HBN to responsibly examine minority views because in the long run those so often turn out to be a better path than the direction the mainstream is marching lockstep. During our panel discussion about vaccines, we did not spend time on the status quo pro-vaccine side of the debate since that is continually crammed down our throats by the media and the medical establishment. We discussed some of documented concerns with the current vaccine plans; more conservative approaches to regular immunizations and an intriguing homeopathic alternative, homeoprophylaxis. We focused on children, but many of the same principles apply to adults to whom a variety of immunizations are marketed.

•    Michelle Rowton MSN,RNC- NIC, C-NPT, NNP-BC, Physician’s Assistant and Functional Medicine Specialist at Healthy Kids Pediatrics in Frisco, TX.
•    Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH of Family Homeopathy Care in Chaska, MN. She is a spokesperson for Homeoprophylaxis and Homeoprophylaxis Worldwide Choice. Cilla also teaches homeopathy at Normandale Community College.
•    Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP, a homeopathic and HP practitioner at Healthy Healing Arts in the DFW, TX area, but can also help those in other areas. She is also a cosponsor of the first International Homeoprophylaxis Conference.

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