July 12, 2023

Today we discuss the benefits of reversing degeneration into regeneration and how to do that. I’ve been impressed with Dr. Darcy Brunk, DC for something like 15 years. He has always been on the leading edge of healing with amazing natural approaches. After stem cell therapy dramatically healed him from a horrific career-ending auto accident, he was inspired to become an expert and share that miraculous therapy with patients. Having seen so many miraculous benefits from Infinity Matrix therapy, it has become a consuming passion for Doc Darcy. He now is a key leader of the national network of providers of Infiniti Matrix therapy. Information RESOURCES: my updated article; free copy of this e-book Stem Cells Made Simple; link to webinars, a video presentation on AchieveVitality.net. Watch a short, moving and inspirational video of Joe Miller’s powerful story about his family’s experience.