July 26, 2023

2 guests today. We talked with Kim Bright in February about collagen’s benefits to hair, skin and nails. Kim is a nutrition and wellness expert who has counseled one on one over 15 thousand people . A former actress, model, professional chef, and restauranteur she developed a keen interest in superfoods and 27 years ago founded Brightcore Nutrition. (I personally buy many of their products including the Revive Collagen in both unflavored that I put in coffee and the Strawberry Lemonade flavor that is a great addition to cool summer beverages or hot tea in cold months.) Today, we talked about collagen’s INTERNAL health effects for connective tissue of all kinds—including bones, joints, and the cardiovascular network. Read what UCLA has to say. The Revive product is especially effective because it contains 5 types of collagen, moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, plus vitamin C and it is 3rd-party tested.  Kim has an exclusive special offer for HBN listeners: Buy 2 bottles of REVIVE and Get 1 FREE. (No subscription required, and it comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.) Deal NOT available online or in stores—call now at (888) 958-5331. Act quickly and receive a bottle of Vitamin D3 as a FREE gift with your order. (Ask about their Family & Friends package for even bigger discounts!)

2nd guest. It may seem a little wacky to discuss saunas in this summer heat, but it is perfect timing. We compare the content of sweat due to exercise, weather or typical saunas, with the superior detoxifying sweat generated by a proper far infrared sauna like the Relax Sauna. Phil Wilson explains the difference in therapeutic effect (down to the cellular level) of the special healing wavelengths created in the portable Relax sauna that I have used for years. My article on the benefits of Far Infrared Sauna. One of many studies. I asked for a special deal for listeners, and he complied. Until Aug 5, save $150 with the code HBN150. (Even more generous than the usual $100 off with code HBN)  Order online or speak with Phil Wilson at 626.200.8454. There is also a Far Infrared Lamp. Save $29 with code LBNlamp.