July 7, 2018

Vaccines for everyone for everything are all the rage. However, the pro-vaccine camp stridently defames anyone who dares raise a question about the practices. We are apparently not permitted any debate whatsoever…never mind that branches of the federal government can’t agree whether vaccines are “safe and effective” (CDC) or “unavoidably unsafe” (U.S. Supreme Court). See the introduction to the controversy. And the pro-vaccination camp plays dirty. For example, the North Carolina State Bar, has taken the unprecedented action of suing my radio guest this week, Alan Phillips, J.D. He is the nation’s leading vaccine rights attorney. The bar has not shown that he did anything wrong and yet they might take his license. The bar seems to be supporting the vaccine industry who must not like that Mr. Phillips’ practice focuses on vaccine exemptions and vaccine legislative activism. (Donate to the defense, PayPal to [email protected]) There are two sides to the vaccine story! It is Healthy by Nature’s job to make it a fairer fight. We want the public to be able to make an informed choice…not just blindly follow orders. How to help. Article: Did the 2009 flu vaccine give people narcolepsy? Mandatory vaccination laws are sweeping the US. Article. 35 states have bills introduced, is your state one of them?

This is a huge resource of articles on vaccines.

My shingles article.

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