June 10, 2017

I talked with Deb McFarland from OsteoStrong of Carrollton about a non-drug solution for increasing bone density and strength; improving balance and posture; as well as reducing back and joint pain. Then, Nazar Snihur of The University of Texas Southwestern discussed the importance of a few of the health screenings (such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate) of several that they will offer at Natural HealthFest June 17. Next, Mary Ellen Dorey Cassman of Dorey AromaTherapy explained how aroma therapy can offer support for the lymphatic system, emotions, aches and headaches. Last but certainly not least, Lance VanHemel and I discussed how enlightened restaurants are making their menus healthier. He is with the national chain Jason’s Deli that is the lunch vendor for our upcoming event.