June 27, 2020

As usual, investigative journalist and passionate truth-seeker, Bill Sardi brought us news from the cutting edge. Surveys show that about half of Americans eagerly await a covid-19 vaccine. However, the issue is not clear and so, an equal number dread it or are at least very cautious. Mr. Sardi told us some of what is wrong with the “informed consent” forms that will come along with the shots and offered an alternative to the current forms. (all income benefits our health freedom via the The National Health Federation.) We discussed the ideal zinc lozenge to take if you are ill (not daily when well). Recent Sardi articles of interest: Apprehension over Coming out of Lockdown Far Exceeds Any Imagined Risk. And Resveratrol, Immunity and Vaccination.

Lively health educator Peggy Hall was to return with the latest on the mask/no mask controversy, but there was a time zone problem.. Watch her video on OSHA and oxygen.

Mr. Sardi is our resident answer man about nutrition. He is commercially involved in the following products that we are delighted to advertise on HBN: Molecular Multi 800-247-5731Longevinex 866-405-4000Formula 216 24/7 vitamin C / 833-848-2216; Garligest for heartburn and Garlinex 866-674-3955). email – bsardi@aol.com.


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