May 25, 2019

This Memorial Day weekend show was very unusual and I believe truly inspiring. I interviewed a decorated American hero, John Wayne Walding. That he went through the grueling training to become a Green Beret is just the beginning of his journey. Then he and just 11 comrades were involved in a horrific battle with 250 enemies! That episode alone was so incredible that a book was written about it. (I wouldn’t be surprised to see it as a movie). Losing his leg in that fire fight started a new chapter where I think the real inspiration is. He continued in the service and competed successfully in marathons. His newest endeavor is a business to employ veterans, Gallantry Global Logistics. I hope you will join me in honoring those service members and families who have sacrificed so much. Want to help? Here are organizations he believes are doing good work: Task Force Dagger. Green Beret Foundation. American Valor Foundation. Warriors Weekend.


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