November 25, 2017

Renee Joy Dufault, PhD was an investigator for the FDA who discovered some very unsettling truths about mercury and other toxins in FDA supervised foods. Sadly, rather than being praised for her work protecting the public, she was forbidden to continue investigating! This story is told in the whistle blower’s book: Unsafe at Any Meal: What the FDA Does Not Want You to Know About the Foods You Eat. It contains, for example, shocking information about mercury in high fructose corn products and vegetable oils. The interview is a must for anyone interested in autism and ADD/ADHD or who wants to protect themselves from degenerative diseases and nerve damage. Her book also contains helpful information on testing for the body’s toxic load; how toxicants affect our genetics; how to decode labels; an eating guide; and lots of other resources. Link to her foundation’s Healthy Diet Tutorial.

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