For people with gluten sensitivity, it is very important to know which grains contain this protein substance. For example, Celiac Disease is a digestive condition aggravated by Gluten. Bakers also need to know about Gluten because it changes the properties of baked goods with its elasticity. Wheat contains the most Gluten and therefore is the easiest to bake with, but, sadly it is also the most reactive.

Grains and Flours that contain GLUTEN:
Barley (found in soups and cereals also)
Bleached or Unbleached commercial flour
Gluten Flour (surprise, surprise)
Graham Flour (this is a wheat flour)
Kamut (Ancient ancestor of wheat)
Oat Meal and Oat flour (maybe shouldn’t have gluten but because of cross contamination in growing, harvesting and processing) may not be safe for those who are very sensitive. Rye (Very much like wheat. It is the caraway seeds that give the flavor to rye bread.) Semolina (usually in pasta — a Durum Wheat)
Spelt (Another ancient ancestor of wheat)
Triticale (1/2 Wheat, 1/2 Rye )
Wheat flour (also called “enriched wheat flour which is actually white flour)
Whole Wheat as flour or bulgur (e.g. Tabouli salad)

Grains and Flours with NO GLUTEN to use as a substitute:
Almond flour
Quinoa (according to one source, this may have a little)

Cooking with Gluten-free flours: To compensate for the action of Gluten, use a substitute such as xanthan (1st choice), guar, flax seed meal or eggs. Also, let the batter sit for a while (even overnight) to soak up the liquid. Be sure to wait to add leavening until just before baking.

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