Vitamin D controversy

The vitamin D controversy continues. We last discussed vitamin D in an October blog about how low levels of D are linked to earlier dementia. If I talked about Vitamin D every week I wouldn’t soon run out of things to say. For example, if you search the government’s science database for “vitamin D” it […]

Fish oil flim-flam. Who is at fault?

When we hear a news report saying that fish oil does not have any positive effects, are we supposed to think that we’ve been taken advantage of by the supplement maker? Fish oil flim flam? Who is at fault? I believe it is the media that we should be annoyed with. Omega-3s are one of the most […]

Heartburn drugs are in the news

Heartburn drugs are in the news because of recent research: As I have been predicting for years (e.g. in my first book), the proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium damage our friendly bacteria. Now research has shown that is true. In February when we begin discussing my new book on probiotics, I hope I am […]

Winter blues

Winter blues are more than the letdown of going back to normal life after the excitement of the holidays. We know that the shorter days and less sunshine lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder with the convenient abbreviation SAD. Because we make vitamin D from sun exposure and vitamin D insufficiency is linked to depression, it […]

Are you drinking enough water?

One of the most powerful New Year’s resolutions and probably the easiest may be to simply drink more water. Virtually everything the body does requires water. So, if we gradually build a water deficit, normal processes can slow down or even grind to a halt. After all, next to oxygen, water is most vital to […]

What does Healthy by Nature really mean?

  Obviously Healthy by Nature (HBN) is the name of this website, my radio show and newsletter. It is also the belief system that is the basis of my books and lectures. It is easy to toss that phrase around, but what does Healthy by Nature really mean? As we head into a new year […]

First Thanksgiving Menu

The Norman Rockwell vision of Thanksgiving we see today looks timeless. But, according to the first Thanksgiving menu had a decidedly different feel in 1621 when approximately 90 Wampanoag Indians and 50 Pilgrims gathered at Plymouth (in what is now Massachusetts) to celebrate the harvest.* Here are some of the differences: MAIN COURSE 2015: […]

Easy turkey recipe and gluten free sides

Let’s talk turkey and the trimmings…specifically an easy turkey recipe and gluten free sides Because of tradition and family pressures, I imagine any suggestion to turn the Thanksgiving feast into a health food buffet would fall onto deaf ears. So, instead let’s talk about delicious and easy. TURKEY My recipe for a fall-off-the-bone moist and […]

How to reduce fructose intake

Fructose Folly? As we’ve now been told by a wide range of experts including the World Health Organization (WHO), excess added sugar contributes significantly to not just obesity and diabetes, but also to many other conditions including arthritis, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. They are talking about added sugar which is hidden in something like […]

Does meat cause colon cancer?

Getting to the meat of the matter The oversimplified food scare of the week is a report from the World Health Organization about the slight increased risk of colorectal cancer from eating certain types of meats. Original Report. The meats with the most credible science regarding risk are smoked and processed meats, but the report […]

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