Cancer Charity Information

I’m sure that anyone who makes a donation to help with breast cancer wants that money to go as far as possible toward stopping this scourge and helping patients. Unfortunately, there are outright fraudulent “charities” and some that are legitimate, but who in my book not good stewards of the money.

  • Charity navigator is a very useful site to check on any charity that you are considering. The service ranks them for transparency and by how much of donated money goes to good works. I like to see charities that go beyond supporting more of the same old kind of research that has been the basis of the unimpressive War on Cancer since 1971.
  • Why not donate to the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation that Annie Brandt talks about on the October 8, 2016 HBN Show. Their site says: “A full 90% of your donation will go towards studies, patient care, raising awareness, and advocacy. The other 10% will support the administrative cost of the foundation.” (Charity Navigator does not rate funds that bring in less than $1 million in revenues.)
  • I like that the Breast Cancer Fund researches chemical causes and has “Tips for Prevention” on their home page. About 77% of their income goes to their mission. (The smaller the charity, the harder it probably is to keep administrative and fundraising costs to a low percentage. The Best Answer for Cancer Foundation is an example that it is possible.)
  • The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has the highest rating by Charity Navigator and invests 91% of its income into stopping breast cancer. They fund a fairly broad range of cancer research areas. LINK.
  • Bastyr University
  • This is a fine fully accredited naturopathic school that also researches health and immune function. 
  • American Childhood Cancer Organization
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