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Fungus–a Cause of Cancer

We’ve known for a long time that fungus in our system can cause headaches, joint pain, depression, rashes, menstrual issues, sugar cravings, fatigue, chemical sensitivity and virtually any kind of GI complaint including heartburn. My friend, Doug Kaufmann, host of the popular television show, Know the Cause, is the lead author along with two physicians of a wonderful article about how fungus can cause cancer. Fungus releases mycotoxin poisons and that is one way they can cause cancer. He makes a good case that sometimes fungus problems are misdiagnosed as cancer. It is well known that aflatoxin (an example of a mycotoxin) on grain can cause cancer of the liver. Doug says that corn and peanuts are among the worst culprits for being contaminated with fungus toxins. Unfortunately, cooking may kill the fungus but does not destroy the mycotoxins the fungus has released. (I’ve found in my research that aflatoxin can even be found in the milk from cows fed contaminated grains. That is another good reason for buying from farmers that feed their animals on grass.) Just to be clear, yeasts are a type of fungus. He also explains how fungus (yeasts) in our systems can produce similar mycotoxin poisons that circulate through the body to potentially create trouble almost anywhere. Doug has often mentioned that drugs and natural substances with anti-fungal effects have beneficial effects in cancer treatment. Congratulations on this achievement, Mr. Kaufmann.

Problems with fungus are much better known in the form of discolored toe nails, athlete’s foot and vaginal yeast infections. What is less understood is that fungus in the body can sabotage almost any system and do so for decades if not stopped. Most often problems start after a round of antibiotics. A fungus overgrowth can crowd out our friendly microorganisms (probiotics) that function like one of our organs. Among the many benefits of our probiotics is that they fight cancer. One thing that fungus mycotoxins do is to suppress the immune system, which could set us up for any number of problems, not the least of which is cancer. It probably doesn’t help that fungus can make us crave starches and sweets. Those in turn also slow down the immune system. Even worse, cancer cells love sugar. 

Fungus can cause chronic sinus infections and it is also a major contributor to leaky gut which causes us to absorb fewer nutrients and more toxic substances. This condition may lead to autoimmune problems. Of course, we want to keep fungus from causing cancer, but we also want to stop fungus from sapping our health and vitality. My yeast questionnaire will help readers decide if fungus might be the cause of some of their symptoms and my article about fungus explains how yeasts get a foothold and what to do about them without accidentally harming our crucial probiotics. That is a real concern because a lot of even natural substances used to kill fungus can also kill our good little soldiers. The more I learn about all the functions they do for us, the less I want that to happen.

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