UPDATE: Journalists write about the “Censorship-Industrial Complex” which goes way beyond just the covid controversy discussed below.

Message Control – SPREADING their agenda

The Administration of the Executive branch of the US government and its agencies put together an expensive and powerful effort to get their propaganda points widely publicized. As reported in this AP article, one thing, they created the Covid Community Corps and spread $3 billion among: health groups like the American Medical Association and the National Council of Urban Indian Health, sports leagues like the NFL, NASCAR and MLB, rural groups, unions and Latino, Black, Asian American Pacific Islander and Native American organizations, as well as coalitions of faith, business and veterans leaders. They basically paid these community leaders and groups to boost vaccine confidence. In a more direct approach, the feds also spent at least $250 million in advertising.

Covid-19 information CENSORSHIP of competing views.

The other part of the program was to silence any voices that even questioned the party line. However, science is NOT just buying into what one “expert” is selling. It isn’t even about consensus. Science is built on sharing ideas, debating viewpoints and studying results to see what works and is safe. That has not been what we’ve seen with the pandemic.

To quote Tom Levy, MD, “Probably never before in history has anything or any event mixed fact, fiction, fear, and confusion like the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-2020. Political and medical ‘experts’ have been in abundance, primarily regurgitating the same message as though it was something new every time they get interviewed: wash your hands, maintain social distancing, and wear a mask as much as possible. And the public and the news media always take great comfort that an “expert” told them the truth. Trouble is, you can always find another “expert” of equal credentials who will offer a completely contradictory perspective.” When the vaccines came on the scene all government spokesperson attention shifted toward browbeating everyone into becoming fully vaccinated. What the public doesn’t see are the conflicts of interest and how closely all the wagons are circled to deflect any contrary opinions or even tough questions. The censorship is so blatant and formally organized that it has a name, the Trusted News Initiative “to combat spread of harmful vaccine disinformation.” The pharmaceutical industry, big tech, big media, government and traditional media agreed to follow the official talking points and to use their prejudiced “fact checking” censorship to keep anyone from poking holes in their arguments or even to suggest safe early therapies. The fact checkers need to be checked. This video is of a speech by the CEO of YouTube detailing how they censor information about covid that is counter to government talking points..

Long before the current crisis, the establishment (i.e., US government agencies and vested interests like hospital associations, pharmaceutical companies and their trade groups) have been firmly committed to the drug approach to “health”. Low-cost nutritional prevention and natural remedies are viewed as bad for business. Because of the establishment’s enormous power (e.g. FDA / FTC regulations) and deep pockets (think big pharma’s many billions spent every year in marketing and lobbying), they have the ability to put a squeeze on information sources that detract from their narrative. Dr. Joseph Mercola’s popular website is one of many valuable information resources to receive a FDA warning letter. Government agencies also link arms for mutual benefit. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in May 2021 first announced that employers who required covid-19 vaccinations would be required to record vaccine side effects and might be held liable for them. Shortly after, the agency abruptly did a 180shift and said they would not enforce that rule because they did not want to appear to be discouraging vaccination efforts.

And the feds and drug companies enjoy the active support of a biased mainstream media and sneaky opinionated social media. Whistleblowers at Facebook/Instagram recently detailed internal policies to omit or at least cast doubt on any post or comment that could possibly contribute to “vaccine hesitancy”—even if the information presented is factually true and often presented by highly qualified experts!  It is quite alarming that dissident voices are not debated but rather so often summarily shut down. The expert can even be banned completely from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Some doctors fear for their licenses. Lawyer, John F. Kennedy, JR, a brilliant and fearless champion for the environment as well as health freedom, was thrown off of Instagram entirely without notice. His website soldiers on. I recommend it.

In an especially alarming move, in May 2021, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Senator Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico asked Facebook and Twitter to throw 12 important alternative medicine information sources totally off their platforms. I was horrified to read the list (I included links to those with whom I’m familiar): Joseph Mercola, DO, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Sherri Tenpenny, DO, Rizza Islam, Rashid Buttar, Erin Elizabeth, Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan, MD, Christiane Northrup, MD, Ben Tapper, and Kevin Jenkins. These folks look at the science in a more balanced and helpful way than the government’s pharmaceutical-tied experts and they are courageous activists. We must protect their freedom of speech and our right to know the whole story…follow the science, yes, but who gets to pick which science to follow? This page tells how easy it is to tell your elected legislators to resist this blatant and dangerous censorship.

  • Amazon has banned Jeff T Bowles’ great book, 16 Fascinating Covid-19 & Spanish Flu Mysteries HOW TO EASILY PREVENT THE NEXT PANDEMIC. It is Amazon’s right to sell whatever they want, but in this case, they are in effect killing people by depriving customers of this life-saving information. The author, Jeff T. Bowles has more integrity than Amazon and is offering an e-book version that title at no charge until Amazon repents. Download it HERE.
  • Andrew Kaufman, MD  a professor of psychiatry, molecular biologist, and expert witness spoke out in London about misleading information about covid-19 and his objection to the shutdown. YouTube took the video down, but it is still available AT THIS LINK.
  • My own chiropractor, Andrew Shepherd, DC, was spreading the truth about helping your immune system with vitamins, exercise, sleep, and an organic whole food diet. His YouTube and Facebook accounts were shut down.
  • A world-renowned expert was censored and conflicts of interest seem to be the reason. Read more.

I could include a much longer list of examples of useful (even lifesaving) information being censored but you get the idea. It is very scary. How can we make informed decisions with only one side of the debate? Hopefully if Elon Musk does by twitter and restore free speech, maybe other platforms will feel the heat.