Misleading numbers

Because January 7, 2022 Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, while discussing vaccine mandates, so egregiously exaggerated the risk of covid to children, feel compelled to provide the following quote from Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. (I added the emphasis.) “Marty Makary at Johns Hopkins reported on the study from his institution of 48,000 children. He asserted that no healthy children in that study had died from COVID. So, that’s the real bottom line? Are we talking about zero or one or five across the country, or 10? We don’t really know exactly, but those numbers are smaller than the number of children who’ve died from influenza each year in past years when we’ve had flu epidemics, as we usually do, except for last year. It’s a tenth of the number that die from traffic accidents. It’s lower than the number who get hit by lightning, and certainly lower than what flu does. So, why are we potentially forcing all children to get vaccinated to save  approximately zero, since we know, we can tell who are the high-risk children? Why aren’t we vaccinating the high-risk children?” (the quote was published as part of an interview by The Epoch Times.) The other big piece of the puzzle is the scant testing that was done pre-approval regarding side effects of the vaccines in children.

The New York Times has a good reference page on covid stats which it keeps updated. This resource makes the current CDC adverse vaccine events and death statistics shockingly understandable.

For the vast majority of those infected (upwards of 80%) the disease acts more like a common cold or the annual flu at worst. . For others it progresses to a serious stage . Of course, one covid death is too many. Because statistics guide public policy, the numbers should be accurate—not artificially jacked up as seems to be the case currently with everything except vaccine damage. The CDC reportedly told the healthcare network that if there is any doubt, a death should be called covid-19. Therefore, it has been widely reported (e.g. watch this video by the CBS TV affiliate in Palm Beach County, Florida) that motorcycle injuries, heart attacks, hip fracture complications and those from gunshot wounds are examples of deaths illogically labeled as “covid-19” because the patient had either been tested or was just presumed to have had covid. Those folks died and many who died of other diseases like cancer or diabetes died with coronavirus, not because of it. In fact, according to the CDC, deaths from covid-19 as the only cause are very low, maybe less than 6% of the total deaths reported. The virus could be a contributing cause in the many who had some additional health problem such as diabetes. Another example is this report about a California County COVID-19 Death Toll Lowered By 25% After Counting Method Change.  How many other counties have not made this correction?

  • The diabetes factor. The following quote is from a Consumer Reports article: “A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis of 2,681 people under age 65 who died with COVID-19 found that almost half of them also had diabetes.” Adults with type 2 diabetes have lower natural killer (NK) cell activity compared to those with lower blood sugar levels. Study link.  High blood sugar also impairs immune white blood cell function. The increase in sugar consumption can potentially create an imbalanced microbiome [gut bacteria] by increasing “bad” bacteria or fungus. Study Link. Sugar consumption also interferes with vitamin B-1. A deficiency of that looks like covid. Read more.
  • The age factor clarified. A 9/26/20 Forbes article revealed that, “For the overall non-institutionalized population in Indiana, the IFR [infection fatality rate] came out to be 0.26 percent. In other words, for every 1000 people in the community who had gotten infected, an estimated 2.6 ended up dying. The average age at death was 76.9 years. The calculated IFR increased with age. It was 0.01 percent for those 12 to 40 years old, 0.12 percent for those 40 to 59 years old, and 1.71 percent for those 60 years and older. Men had a higher IFR than women (0.28 percent versus 0.21 percent).”
  • Condition. Although 80%+ of deaths from covid occur in the elderly, the problem is more their condition than their age. Healthy persons well over age 100 have fully recovered. It is just that as we age, the odds increase that we will develop “underlying conditions” such as diabetes.

A Stanford University project looked at 50 official estimates of pandemic deaths. Researchers evaluated pandemic data in a more realistic way than was used early in the disease. They concluded that infection fatality rates from covid-19 “among people less than 70 years old, ranged from 0.00% to 0.57% with median of 0.05% across the different locations.”  That is less than ½ of 1%.

Even the CDC says the rate is low, i.e. less than 1% for the infected population as a whole. As my mom used to say, “Statistics don’t lie but statisticians do!” (They do so by selecting the figures and comparisons that support their purposes). Other than making it sound worse than the flu and thereby justifying the lockdowns and mandatory vaccination, what is the advantage to the establishment of making the pandemic sound worse than it is? That may be as simple as power. If “they” can make us hold still while they enact policies that we do not like and gain more control of our lives, that is a smart (but evil) strategy.