Martie doesn’t have enough time to indulge her passion for art. To satisfy that artsy itch, she makes cakes for very special occasions 3 or 4 times a year. She uses real ingredients to make them yummy, but doesn’t try very hard to make them healthful. With the exception of the doll in the one cake, every part of the cakes seen on this page are technically edible…even the money coming out of the purse, the spokes in the wagon wheel (spaghetti) or the “cow pie” in the ranch scene (shredded wheat & frosting). Sometimes she gets ridiculous with the detail. (E.g. the pictures in the windows of the scale model hummer are actually edible photos of family members and the volcano spewed dry ice “smoke”.)
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img_0267 hopopoly_sm
money-cake_sm architecture_sm
Napa Valley Cake Kayla's 16th Birthday cake


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