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We discuss detoxification (“spring cleaning”?) with Kate Rhéaume, N.D. She is expert in natural medicine and regularly appears on television and radio teaching about a variety of health topics. She is licensed in her native Canada as a Doctor of Naturopathy. Dr. Rhéaume is the author of one of my favorite books: Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox–How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life. It is an important topic that we discussed during this archived interview. Dr. Rhéaume is also an educator and spokesperson for Natural Factors Nutritional Products, which is Canada’s largest manufacturer of nutritional supplements. (Natural Factors is also a popular and respected nutrition supplier in the US.) During this week’s show, Dr. Rhéaume recommended The Dirty Dozen”, a reference to which foods are most important to buy as organic. (For any listeners like Tom A. who keep show notes by date and requested this information, this interview first aired June 22,2022.)
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Some is good–too much is not
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May is Blood Pressure Awareness month. We are probably all aware that blood pressure can be an issue, but it is likely that not everyone is aware of some safe natural approaches to achieving healthy levels. Read a bit about the risks of high blood pressure. Most of the blog is about several resources for achieving your blood pressure goal naturally.


  • Scientific research shows that vitamin D is associated with reduced risk of dementia. Yet another benefit!!!
  • Local elections often have propositions to vote on. The most important thing to know is that you cannot choose based on the name of the proposed law. In fact, it is almost safe to assume that the real purpose is the exact opposite of what it sounds like. (I learned that the year I spent so much time in Washington working to pass legislation to keep the FDA from willy nilly taking supplements off the market.) For example, a bill that was called something like “The wetlands protection act” allowed oil companies to drill in the delicate wetlands. I see the same tactics locally…the bill is named something that appeals to the public—never mind what it really does. Want to raise everyone’s taxes? Then call it the “Tax Fairness bill”. The short description of the proposition on the ballot is not always much help either because it is likely to be obscure language (legalese or Klingon?) and twisted with double negatives. Also, the text usually fails to point out that whatever they are selling, ultimately YOU will pay for with your tax dollars. 
  •  Last week, in the newsletter UPDATE, I wrote about resources offered by Jane Orient, MD to address anxiety about a potential nuclear event Surely, we must elect leaders who can shut down the saber rattling. A post-nuclear world might be unlivable, but it would be less so if more people knew what to do. My goal in writing was hopefully to reduce stress a tad by providing responsible information. One reader got the impression that I am somehow okay with the use of nuclear weapons. (Heck no…I’ll bet that even atheists pray they are never used!)

 QUOTE of the week
“I never argue, I just explain why I’m right.” On a sweatshirt
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FEEL GOOD moment


Tim Conway takes a “No Frills” airplane flight with Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman (Hilarity ensues…this was back when comedians were allowed to be funny and is just the thing right now to change the mood after talk above about nuclear issues.)

 LAST WEEK Show Follow-up

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Kim Bright, a former actress, model, professional organic chef, and restaurateur has counseled over 15 thousand [lucky] people in wellness and nutrition. She became a respected expert in super-foods and founded Brightcore Nutrition 27 years ago. Today, we continue our discussion about KIMCHI (an ancient Asian fermented food that Kim turned into the world’s first supplement capsule of this fermented staple.) Read more about Kimchi. Today we discussed this study on Kimchi and hair regrowth. The exclusive special offer for HBN listeners is: Buy 2 bottles of ‘Kimchi One’ and Get 1 FREE. (60-day 100% money back guarantee.) Visit The special is NOT available in stores. You can get that special and/or the same offer on Brightcore’s collagen product, Revive (a wonderful partner with Kimchi One), if you call (888) 958-5331. Act quickly and also receive a bottle of Vitamin D3 as a free gift with your order. 

In the second half of the show, we also talk about ways to improve cardiovascular health. Guest, Jane Jansen, Naturopathic Practitioner from the Tree of Life Wellness Center in Seekonk, MA discusses congestive heart failure from both a conventional and naturopathic viewpoint. One of her blogs is about congestive heart failure. Jane recommends lifestyle and diet changes as well as supplements of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. We talked specifically about Formula 106.


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