Cholesterol—what we “know” might be wrong. Reader Q about skin condition.

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: We had fun recording a show to air this week-perhaps a bit too much fun. New Year’s resolutions always seem like such a good idea but most go unfulfilled. I read a survey that ranked the top 8, they seemed vague and lacked specific starting steps. I also noticed that directly or indirectly they all related to health. So, I invited Andy Hopkins and nutritionist Gayle Pruitt to come to the studio and help provide ideas for getting started. (They are the big wigs from our sponsor Real Food Grocery, an online store with an outlet shop in Plano, TX.) Click here to find podcasts, show archives and ways to listen nationwide.
Cholesterol Have we misjudged Mother Nature’s plan again?
In my book, Natural Alternatives to Nexium™and Other Acid Blockers, I explain the crucial importance of stomach acid and how drug companies have wrongfully demonized this natural body fluid in their highly successful effort to sell heartburn drugs. It seems a similar thing may have happened with cholesterol.

These are the common assumptions we’ve been taught about cholesterol but there is a problem with every one of them:
  (1) LDL cholesterol is just plain evil.
  (2) It is the cause of heart disease.
  (3) Lowering LDL by any means is safe and will extend your life.
  (4) HDL cholesterol is always the good guy. More is always better.

It just isn’t that simple.
For the most complete, well-documented understanding of the subject, I recommend these books by Sherry Rogers, MD: Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? and/or The Cholesterol Hoax. Professionals and those with a keen interest in the more technical aspects of blood fats will enjoy a video of an enlightening lecture by Jay Weinecke, MD a professor at the University of Washington. (I extracted some of the material in my article from it) LINK

What started out as a newsletter topic got totally out of hand and became an article. I cover some shocking findings about the benefits of “bad” cholesterol, some risks of “good” cholesterol as well as casting doubt on the whole exercise of standard cholesterol tests. I also give some bottom line recommendations for lowering cardiovascular risk and for lowering cholesterol if you are so inclined.  Since I promised to keep this weekly email short, I’ve asked our webmaster (my dear brother Jim) to post the article on the RadioMartie website. Read more here.

Q: Please can you recommend some vitamins, a regimen, and a dermatologist for my daughter who has seborrhea dermatitis, of hair and of (in the ears which is very smelly).

A: This red itchy scaly problem is from inflammation associated with the oil glands on the skin. It is thought to be caused by fungus. Topically, dandruff shampoo can help. (Anything with oregano oil and tea tree oil might also help as they are anti-fungal.) Dr. Ohhira’s Kampuku Probiotic Soap is worth a try. Internally, probiotics will help the immune system fight off the yeast. Excess vitamin A or lack of B vitamins can also worsen the condition. I cannot recommend a dermatologist. (Most only reach for steroids for pretty much anything.) Perhaps go to your local health food store and ask for a good nutrition-oriented general practitioner. Good luck.

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