Hangover prevention and natural remedies

 Healthy by Nature radio show this week

It is the start of a new year, so of course we are going to talk about weight loss. But, we’ll look at some innovative ideas, not just the same old eat-less/move-more advice. Cristy Moya and Nicole Wallace, staff members from the Kotsanis institute, will join us to talk about successes using DNA testing to determine the best weight loss approach. 

New Years Partying 

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It is party time. Fun, fun, fun. But, why waste the precious next day with the headache, upset stomach and fatigue of a hangover? Click here for 6 thoughts on prevention and natural remedies.

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 Check out the events pages on our website. One is for National Events and the other for Events in Texas. See what is coming up! For example:

  • January 8th Dr. Kotsanis will host a Dallas area seminar in January on using DNA to craft a more effective weight loss plan.
  • January 24th Dr. John Young, Dr. Kyl Smith and Martie will be giving talks in the Dallas area.

Click here to learn more.

  Last Week Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives. It is always fun when producer Andy Hopkins can join me in the studio, but we just never have enough time. So, this week we teamed up for the whole show. Without a guest or an agenda, we had fun talking about family, sports, health tips and taking calls.

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