Healthful holiday gift ideas

Experts have scolded us for years about eating saturated fat. But what if they are WRONG? New research questions the dogma. My guest, Stuart Tomc, will help us sort it out on Healthy by Nature this week. Also, nutritionist Karen Falbo will tell us about cookbooks from Natural Grocers that make good gifts. Our show call-in number is 1-800-281-8255.


Have you noticed that it is really rare this season to watch 15 minutes of TV without seeing a commercial for a smart phone, perfume or jewelry? If advertising always steered us in the direction of good gifts, then hotdog cookers, singing fish, custom bobble heads and plastic reindeer that poop jelly beans would do. The inviting gift baskets at the discount stores are lovely to look at but on closer inspection are usually filled with white flour crackers, suspicious cheese spreads, candy and mystery meats. I thought that the intelligent readers of this newsletter might be interested in suggestions for less common gifts that actually support health. The following are not necessarily age or gender specific. Some are quick online or phone orders, while others give you a chance to express your creativity.

• Gift certificate for a massage. (Who wouldn’t love that?)

• Rosemary Tree. The herb rosemary is available as a potted houseplant pruned in the shape of a Christmas tree. It is nice as is, or add a string of mini holiday lights and ornaments. This is a cool hostess gift that the recipient can use for a long time as a source of spice for cooking.

• Relaxation basket. Craft stores sell nice baskets and cellophane (and even hairdryer activated shrink wrap) to make your own presentation. Fill the basket with either colored paper shreds, or a pretty face towel. Tie the top with ribbon and add a holiday ornament.
– Herbal neck wrap that can be heated in the microwave
– Soy candle with natural fragrance and a non-lead wick – Lavender bath salts and lotion
– Loofa
– CD of relaxing music

• Salmon steak. These are available from Omaha Steaks who will send them frozen.

• Salad surprise. Instead of a box, perhaps assemble the related items in a salad bowl (a nice one if the budget allows, or one from the dollar store). – Bottle of MacNut Oil (along with the next item makes a great dressing) – Bottle of Pear-infused White Balsamic Vinegar – A package of flavored almond salad topping – Salad tongs

• Fruit of the Month Club. The original is delivered by Harry and David.

• A cookie jar. Fill it with either your homemade goodies or natural mixes from the health food store.

These are just a few ideas to get us started. Next week’s newsletter is the 3rd installment on colds and flu but it and the rest of the issues for the next few weeks will have a small section of gift ideas. I asked a few radio show sponsors to give us holiday specials so watch for them from RealFoodGrocery (who by the way carries MacNut Oil), Fruit of the Spirit and Aquasana water filters among others. If you would like to suggest ideas, you can do so by responding to this email.

If you are stressed out because your gift list is too long or because of economic constraints, you might try the tradition our family started a few years ago. At Thanksgiving we draw names among the extended family so that we can put more thought into one gift rather than trying to shop for everyone. We agree on a price limit.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and be careful out there with traffic and the mobs in the stores.

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My latest book : Aloe Vera-Modern Science Sheds Light on an Ancient Herbal Remedy

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