Heart health – 10 interesting snippets

Healthy by Nature radio show this week

We’ve occasionally mentioned telomeres. They are components of our chromosomes which house our genetic memory. Telomeres are visible under a microscope and are considered a measure of our physical (not calendar) aging. Life Extension Researcher, Rob Martin, will explain that telomeres not only affect longevity, but are also associated with conditions of the brain, cardiovascular system, blood sugar and even our appearance. The great news is that they can be repaired!

Later in the program I’ve asked my friend Rhonda Bone, owner of Rhonda’s Nature’s Way in San Antonio, to discuss with me the controversy in New York State over supplement quality and how to know if you are buying a good product. Of course, since this is February we’ll talk about key supplements for heart health.

Heart health – 10 interesting snippets

Heart health Happy Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month. The red symbols of Heart Month are second in awareness to the most well-known color/disease/month—Pink/October/Breast Cancer. That’s not logical since heart disease actually kills 5 times as many women as breast cancer. My blog this week is about heart health factors such as optimism, magnesium, fish oil, CoQ10, water, acetyl L-carnitine and B vitamins plus surprising information about aspirin, a cholesterol drug that causes cataracts and an antibiotic that can cause fatal heart arrythmias. Click here to read the details.


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Last Week Follow-up 

LISTEN to that show in the archives. We dug into the medical and political issues surrounding the legalization of medical marijuana. My guest was William Dolphin from Americans for Safe Access. Why is this medicine not legal in Texas for example? What about its use with veterans and the elderly? But, first Kat James, author of The Truth About Beauty, explained how breaking a lot of standard health rules can bring about a real health transformation. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics is one of her secrets.

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