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We are always happy to have Dr. Cass Ingram, DO on the show because of his energy and his encyclopedic knowledge of natural healing. His research and writing have led to countless cures and discoveries. He is the author of 20 books, most of which are available on this page of his website. We will focus on reversing all inflammation and reversing bone loss, but I want to ask him about his article “Nutritional Supplements for Reversing Vaccine Injury”. Next I will talk to the co-founder of a unique way to help patients pay for treatment for cancer and other expensive diseases. Call the live show with questions at 1-800-281-8255. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and how to listen nationwide.

Trick or Treat?


Halloween candy is both treat and trick. It is a tasty treat that becomes a trick when it shuts down our immune systems for hours, starts a winter-long sweet-craving and throws the rest of our metabolism out of whack. (Author Nancy Appleton lists over 144 ways sugar is hard on your health.)

Health nuts like Bill and I might wish we could give out something wholesome. Unfortunately, parents are afraid of anything but factory sealed candy. (And we don’t want our house decorated with eggs or toilet tissue.) If we just turn off the porch light and hide, we’d miss those few cute kids who visit in homemade costumes (and the late-arriving teens who think that a flannel shirt is a costume). So, we give in and give the kids what they want. Parents have a bigger problem if they are concerned about their children’s health…they must figure out what to do with a pillow case full of collected goodies. There are some good uses for extra Halloween candy.

Here at least are some ideas for what to do with leftovers:

  • After one stomach-churning binge, parents sometimes trade toys for the balance of the loot and send the leftovers in care packages to the troops. They don’t have a convenience store on every corner and are more likely to burn it off than seniors in a rest home. (I understand they sometimes use little treats to make friends with native children.) Here is a good group: Operation Gratitude. It is a chance to teach children something about nutrition and appreciation for our freedoms. We can even teach them the power of action by starting a neighborhood collection for this organization to send: Do Something
  • Creative dentists trade items donated by local businesses for the kids’ candy which is then sent to the troops. For instance: Halloween Candy Buy Back
  • If you have been assigned to bring a decadent dessert to some function, instead of buying more sugar, here are ideas for 27 Desserts made with leftover candy.
  • Hide some away for Christmas stockings? Some candy freezes for use next year.

I hope your holiday is fun and safe.

(If this seems kind of familiar, I was in a tight spot this week time wise and borrowed heavily from a 2014 newsletter. But, I had forgotten some of these names and thought others might have as well.)

Last Week Follow-up

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A simple action that has been shown to prevent up to 80% of breast cancers…as well as a substantial number of other cancers, heart attacks, falls, cases of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and preterm births. That “simple action” is to make sure that your blood level of vitamin D is at least above 40 ng/ml. (Unfortunately, many doctors don’t test unless pushed and blood test reports often identify lower numbers as “normal.) My guest, Carol Baggerly, was founder and Director of GrassRootsHealth. Her organization’s advisory panel is a prestigious “who’s who” of vitamin D researchers and experts. She reviewed the astounding research; told us about the easy way to get the vitamin D blood test done; and how to know what supplemental dose you might need to achieve the right blood level. This is her Breast Cancer page that links to the research. To help spread the word, DONATE. This is one of those interviews that I wish everyone above kindergarten age could hear! Also, just in time for the holidays I talk with a radio host friend of mine about her experience with the weight management product Body Regime.

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