More insight into the meat and colon cancer issue

Healthy by Nature radio show this week

I’ve asked Pharmacist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and author, Ross Pelton to be with us for the entire show so that we can finish a discussion we started in September about the new female sexual enhancement drug—the pink pill, the so-called “female Viagra”. Then, with the holidays approaching, we will look into what we can do to limit the damage the food-related events do to our digestion (e.g. heartburn), immune function and probiotic health.

More on the meat / cancer storyX

Last week’s blog discussed the real life (and I think less scary) implications of the news that processed meats are linked to increased risk of colon cancer…and that red meat may also be harmful. We covered what specific types of meats are included in the categories and which aspects of the research might be useful or misleading. I found more tidbits to add to that article and thought I’d note them here in case you already read the blog.

  • The study results showed that the more processed meats were eaten, the more problems, but the most significant risk started at 10 servings a week. So, yes, if you have bacon every day and baloney sandwiches three times a week you might worry. But, even at that I suspect there are other factors not accounted for like not eating vegetables and/or washing the baloney sandwiches down with soft drinks.
  • I mentioned corn dogs at the fair as an annual treat not worth fretting over. Feeling cheated that I didn’t get to the State Fair this year, here is the healthiest at home version I found: Applegate Corn Dogs. They are uncured beef, gluten free* and have relatively clean ingredients. A convection toaster oven crisped up the outside and although the wiener had a slightly tough skin, they were pretty good.
  • Coffee might reduce the risk of recurrent colon cancer by 35%. Surprised? Caffeinated coffee was even more effective at reducing the risk of colon cancer returning and of mortality from it. This goes to illustrate my point that it is important what the other items are in the diet besides the occasional processed meat. The actual means by which coffee helped will take more research. But, theories include a positive effect on blood sugar and antioxidants in the brew. More about coffee in this article.

*Speaking of Gluten Free. The corn dogs above are gluten free because the maker did not use any wheat, rye or barley to bind the cornbread together. But, is the corn non-GMO? We can’t tell from the label since the corn is not listed as organic or marked with the Certified Non-GMO seal. If you don’t know why we should be concerned about GMO, please listen to my recent interview with plant biologist Jonathan R. Latham, PhD. GMO foods must be labeled as such so we can make informed choices. Unfortunately, the big money interests like Monsanto are trying to pass a law to keep us in the dark. Even Consumer Reports is worried. Click here to learn more and what you can do. It is easy and only takes a few minutes to make your voice heard.

Last Week Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives.

I talked with Dr. Frank King, naturopath and chiropractor about his book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally. We also discussed homeopathic remedies for common problems like the flu, Candida yeast and foggy brain because he is the founder of KingBio and has a radio show. Some time I hope to talk about his North Carolina ranch where grows medicinal fruits, vegetables and herbs and raises bison yak, Watusi (a type of cow, not the band or African natives), and camels.

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