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In last week’s show, David Kennedy, DDS revealed the shocking facts about fluoridation of our tap water. That show was compiled from pieces of a 2004 interview I did with him. This week he returns with updates. (We may also talk about mercury in dental fillings.) I wanted to have a guest on to talk about how to improve our water, e.g. removing the fluoride. So, I invited expert Fred Van Liew of e-water to talk about reverse osmosis water purification. As always, I asked for a discount for listeners. Enter the code HBNSHOW at checkout and receive 5% off anything you might purchase from that site. (He has found a lot of interesting ways for us to protect ourselves from toxins, including the electromagnetic variety. He is also versed in cell hydration and activation which we discuss on a future show.) I’ve heard a lot of interest in “alkaline water”. I ran across this balanced and interesting article on the subject.

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Eating my way through Northern Europe

Husband Bill and I just returned from a long-awaited bucket-list cruise in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. I was feeling the need to get away and much more so after rushing to preparing ahead 3 radio shows, 3 blogs and to get the bills paid ahead etc. Glad I did all that because I was able to relax.

I skipped the ship’s buffet pastries. That wasn’t a big sacrifice because they are not very good. Secondly, in trade, I promised myself to enjoy a treat of whatever the food specialty was in the countries we visited. This is my report. Note, I’m not saying this is what we should eat for health. But, I think if you are going to splurge, do it right:

Denmark. I specifically avoided the Danishes on the ship because I planned to get the real thing. Of course, they wouldn’t call them “Danishes”, but surely I would recognize them.Oops. I did not even find a bakery in our first stop, Copenhagen. However, I did learn that the open-faced sandwich, the “Smørrebrød”, is traditional in Denmark. The one pictured above was chicken salad, with artichoke crisps, bacon and white asparagus on a yummy dark bread. On the return, the ship stopped in another Danish town, Skagen. There we found a fabulous bakery and the pastry I was hoping for. So glad Bill and I split it because it was big and rich.

Amsterdam. That city is in Holland which is also known as The Netherlands. (The people are called Dutch. Why do they need so many names?) I love the TV series The Great British Baking Show. On it they did a segment on the Dutch specialty, the “Stroopwaffel”, which is 2 very thin waffle-like cookies with caramel between. I kept an eye out for this treat while we spent a couple of days in Amsterdam before boarding the ship. Finally, I googled and found that there was a bakery near the flower markets on a canal. I fast walked the mile round trip to get 2 of them and brought them to the tram stop where Bill was waiting with our luggage. When we arrived at the pier, I realized I had left the bag with the stroopwaffels on the tram bench! Fortunately, we had one more day in Amsterdam at the end of the cruise. That is when I found out that if you know what you are looking for, virtually every store has some. After all that…I didn’t really like them very much.

Tallin, Estonia. Our hosts (the folks that had my book, The Probiotic Cure translated into Estonian) took us to an ultra-modern seaside restaurant. It must have been a good one because the female President of Estonia came in to eat. The highlight for me was the traditional black bread and the rich European butter. I was not on a low carb diet that day! Hmm, is any country famous for its traditional Kale salads?

St. Petersburg, Russia. What else? Borscht, the traditional beet soup.

Stockholm, Sweden. Again, with the Great British Baking Show…it had a segment on a Swedish favorite, the “Princess Cake”. It is a fancy affair with layers of sponge cake, jam and whipped cream. The whole thing is covered in marzipan. I didn’t expect to run across that, but as luck would have it, that was on the menu at the restaurant where we were eating our traditional Swedish Meatballs. (Yes, I know we could have just gone to Ikea in Frisco.) The cake was tasty, but too sweet even splitting it with Bill.

Helsinki, Finland. Whatever the food specialty of Finland is…we didn’t try it. That is because we were just too tired after 2 days sightseeing around St. Petersburg. And, it was cold and unpleasant, so we only got as far as the gift shop on the pier. (I asked the origin of a couple of items and was told that if it was Finland it would say so. The items didn’t. I learned that PRC = China.)

Because of all the extra exercise and the many good choices on the ship I did not gain any weight. Hey, now that I’ve written about it, can I call the trip a business expense?



This, from Bill Sardi, seems an appropriate follow up to last week’s blog on greed. (There is also the cluelessness factor.) “In 2002 I self-published a book entitled THE COLLAPSE OF CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE.  Since then we have lived through an era marked by antibiotic resistance, the ruse of cholesterol, the growing problem of diabesity, the continued failure to find a cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s, the rise of autoimmune disease, the unwanted side effects of psychiatric drugs, an unexplainable increase in autism, and now the opioid epidemic.  More than 70% of the population is on prescription drugs and 20% take 5 or more drugs.  Does that sound like progress?”

Saturday August 24, 2019 is The Health, Home and Garden Expo at the Plano Event Center. This will be our 10th annual consumer fair. We have very exciting speakers lined up and interesting new exhibitors. Details will be posted soon on the event website. Tickets will probably go on sale in June.

Quote of the week


“Cured yesterday of my disease, I died last nite of my physician.”
–Matthew Prior, 1664-1721 AD 

LAST WEEK Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives.

This program is a must-listen and should be forwarded to everyone that you care about. Expert David Kennedy, DDS gave us the shocking facts about fluoridation of our water. We’ve been duped into allowing our cities to use our taxes to pay for contaminating our water supply (and the environment) with industrial waste that is a poison…a poison that disrupts enzymes and hormones as well as causes cancer, hip fracture, genetic damage, premature aging, brain damage, lower IQ (worse for dark races) and perhaps even death in formula fed babies. Oh, and spotting of teeth. The evidence that adding it to drinking water actually helps children’s teeth is slim to none. The dental society mentioned is the IAOMT. There is a search utility to find a dentist listed under “For Patients” in the menu. (Our sponsor Philip Kozlow, DDS belongs.) This page on that site has Dr. Kennedy’s book, How to Save Your TeethThis links to a useful list of activist organizations: LINKDr. Kennedy also mentioned Keepers of the Well. A good book on the topic is The Fluoride DeceptionDr. Hirzey of American University sent this petition to the EPA.



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