New studies support Echinacea and multivitamins

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Echinacea for Colds
For decades I’ve known legions of consumers to use the herb Echinacea and swear that it helped with colds. However, the science was mixed because studies used different doses, time periods, strengths, preparation types and even different species of plants. I received some great news from my friends at the American Botanical Council. (I highly recommend their publications.) Now a very large well-constructed study has confirmed that Echinacea reduced the total number of colds, their duration and the use of pain-killers. The study even confirmed which types of viruses it prevented. The better compliance was over a 4 month period, the better the results were. LINK.

The exact product used was a liquid extract, Echinaforce by Bioforce. It is available in most natural food stores, but most likely Echinacea from other top line companies would also be helpful. (Bioforce is a Swiss company founded by herbal pioneer, Alfred Vogel. I have a warm spot in my heart for that company because, a very long time ago, I was privileged to study herbs for a week in their amazing facility and to meet him in person.)
Multivitamins & Cancer in Men
You’ve probably heard some nonsense reports that multi-vitamins are not helpful and might even be harmful. Of course, we’ve talked in this newsletter about the problems with those reports. However, there is a new very large study (the Physicians’ Health Study II) covering a 14 year period showing that, in male doctors over age 50, a multivitamin was cancer protective. With cancers other than prostate cancer, the reduction in incidence was 12%. That’s not huge, but pretty important if you are one of those 12 in 100! There was not protection from prostate cancer. LINK.

I believe that anomaly was because the form of selenium in the multivitamin (Sodium Selenate) was not the same type (Methylselenocysteine) that was such a prostate cancer protecting hero in another study. LINK. The multivitamin used in the Physicians’ Health Study II was Centrum Silver®. That is a product that a colleague of mine calls a “hamster vitamin” because the potencies are so wimpy. However, I doubt that any knowledgeable owner would feed it to their pet. Just check out the label at this LINK. The amounts of Lycopene and Lutein are a tiny fraction of what studies show is needed to provide the associated benefits. The vitamin E in it is synthetic. Synthetic E interferes with our natural vitamin E and doesn’t have the same benefit. Worse yet, among the chemicals Centrum® contains there are several sources of aluminum and another metal I believe is toxic, nickel.

Just imagine the cancer protection this study might have revealed if the participants had been given a balanced natural vitamin of the kind sold in health food stores…
Last Week
LINK to Archive. Barry Estabrook from Politics of the Plate guest stared. He is the author of Tomatoland. Here is the activist group he discussed where you can learn what to do to help: Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

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