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Thomas E. Levy, MD is a Board-certified cardiologist, a bar-certified attorney and the author of several groundbreaking books. We discuss the serious cardiovascular problems resulting from chronic spike protein due to covid and the vaccines. I ask him for supplement recommendations for cardio health and we also discuss sepsis. He graciously offered to send you the e-book, Hidden Epidemic: Silent Oral Infections Cause Most Heart Attacks and Breast Cancers, if you email him and ask for it ([email protected]). On previous programs we discussed his books: Magnesium: Reversing Disease  and Death by Calcium: Proof of the toxic effects of dairy and calcium supplements. Dr. Levy is also one of the world’s leading vitamin C experts and wrote Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, 3rd Edition.  During the pandemic, he kindly told us how to prevent and treat covid (and other upper respiratory diseases) by nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. Details about that procedure are in this short article and the FREE e-book, Rapid Virus Recovery.

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With the help of a newspaper, a magazine and Artificial Intelligence, I wrote about the benefits of walking. I thought some of it was really exciting news. Check it out.


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“It’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone,
but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.” Andy Rooney

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Hypnotic slow-motion photographic art

 LAST WEEK Show Follow-up

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Sunday May 14 was Mothers’ Day. What if a woman is pregnant but did not plan to be one now? There are topics we are apparently just not supposed to talk about (like outpatient treatments for covid-19 and abortion!) But if there are health issues that need airing out, HBN will do that…here we go: My first guest, Nurse Angela, will explain what she sees daily in her hospital’s high-risk labor and delivery ward. She sees serious complications such as molar pregnancy (definition) / (link to related story); ectopic pregnancy (definition), and sepsis from water breaking early (details) / (link to related story). Angela’s state has very strict anti-abortion laws that intimidate doctors from solving these life-threatening problems. (This short video explains that the Texas policy does not do that.) May 6-12 is National Nurse Appreciation Week (I think that should be every week.) Angela has been in nursing for 26 years as an emergency room nurse, a CareFlight nurse and for a few years, a nanny (for an A-list singer) whereby she got some hands on mothering experience. A pregnancy is sometimes terminated because prenatal testing shows that the baby has a horrible even life-threatening diagnosis. For information on such pregnancies, visit this website and this movie may be of interest: Made with Love the Movie. My next guests are Tonya Thomas, Executive Director of the charity Pregnancy Help 4 U (PH4U) and the organization’s nurse practitioner, Nurse Jill. (Note, during the show we didn’t mention that testing for sexually transmitted diseases is also available for the fathers.)  For information on Abortion Pill  REVERSAL, visit this websitor call 877-558-0333.  To search in areas outside North Texas for the types of health services we discussed, visit Care-Net.org. To support PH4U you can Donate. In the opening segment, I discussed Stem Cell therapy. For the free consultation, call (800)507-6509 and say you heard about it on the radio.

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