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Just kidding
I know I said no newsletter this week, but I just couldn’t help myself. At least it is pretty short.
 Healthy by Nature radio show this week
I ask Congressman Michael C. Burgess, MD about his plan to address a perennial health care problem, the fact that, Medicare is in financial trouble. Congress always proposes to save money in the program by (1) eliminating fraud and (2) by reducing reimbursements to doctors but, those things never happen. In the second half of the show I discuss how previous government advice to eat a lot of starch led to our current epidemic of obesity and diabetes. I discuss the low glycemic diet plus a capsule, Gluc-aloe, that helps achieve weight loss and improves blood sugar levels. Jack Brown of Lily of the Desert joins me to talk about how Gluc-aloe came about. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and how to listen nationwide.

Nuts to you (well, I mean for your health)
The results of a giant 30-year Harvard study shows that people who eat an ounce a day of nuts (or even peanuts) were 20% less likely to die during the study. The risk of dying from heart disease dropped by almost a third. Researchers did not ask if the nuts were raw, roasted, salted or unsalted but it stands to reason that raw unsalted would be better because we don’t seem to lack sources of salt in the American diet and roasting affects the oils in nuts. (Hmm, weren’t nuts one of the things along with avocados and eggs that we were told to avoid because of their fat and calories?) We can guess that those who ate nuts might have eaten fewer chips and other less healthful snacks, getting a double benefit. As a frame of reference, an ounce is about 23 almonds. Click here for other nuts in the USDA database. A 2-Tablespoon serving of one of my favorites, almond butter (I like it on a stalk of celery or in a protein drink), delivers slightly more than an ounce of nuts. Our sponsor Natural Grocers has a nice selection of nut butters including cashew and others.

Easy, Moist Turkey Recipe
This recipe couldn’t be simpler even if you’ve never roasted a turkey before. The only trick is that because it is a low temperature for a long time (one hour per pound), you need to be prepared with a thawed turkey way ahead of dinner time. These are the official USDA instructions for thawing.

What’s coming up?
Check out the big national prize contest and a fun DFW event scheduled for Dec 7. LINK

Last Week Follow-up
LINK to that show in the archives. Nutritionist / Educator Tim Mount joined me to talk about nutrients for beauty and we touched on avoiding the typical 4-7 lb. holiday weight gain. He told us a little about Vitamin Angels, a life-saving charity supported by NeoCell, the company Tim works with. Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue, a popular health expert on Canadian television and radio, discussed her terrific book, Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox. This little known vitamin can reduce dental cavities, heart disease, prostate cancer, liver cancer, diabetes, wrinkles, obesity, varicose veins, and other ailments. I mentioned that our sponsor, Superior Source, has a variety of vitamin K2 products and that for most people I recommend this one from our online sponsor, HealthWorksMart.com.

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