Peter A. McCullough, MD

Our revered leader in the fight for truth and for early treatment of covid-19 always provides so much good information that it seems only fair to share notes from the show so that listeners don’t miss anything. This review is from the August 28, 2021 HBN interview. (I did my best, but if you didn’t hear the show, you might want to listen to the archive I just linked to.)

Overview. Dr. McCullough started with an overview of the current situation, stating that we are at the apex of the Delta variant outbreak. (Meaning that hopefully cases and hospitalizations will begin to wane soon and it seems to be the case.) Dr. McCullough is one of the few experts you will see in the media who actually treats covid patients. He says that the Delta variant is indeed more contagious, is affecting young folks, sickens the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated and is harder to treat. There may be greater numbers of unvaccinated patients in the hospital, but interestingly, most of the vaccinated people who end up in the hospital are elderly. The CDC’s Aug 23 report was that at least 11,050 fully vaccinated persons have been hospitalized or died due to covid-19 shots since mid-December 2020. While seniors are more at risk for covid, they are also more easily harmed by the vaccine. (It also doesn’t work as well for them).

Vaccinated spreaders. Studies have shown that vaccinated people getting infected with Delta can spread the disease. They may carry viral loads more than 250 times greater than unvaccinated persons who were infected with the original covid variant. Remember that if they are exposed, vaccinated parents can transmit the disease to their children.

Unusual results. The “standard” to decide what is an acceptable vaccine is that protection must last one year or more and have an effectiveness of at least 50%. Real world results (e.g. in Israel) show an effectiveness of 39%. We are now being told to get boosters at only 6-8 months.

Treatments. When Dr. McCullough had covid last fall, he was in a study and received hydroxychloroquine . It worked.  He is now immune because of that and, in spite of direct exposures, has remained covid-free. He and his colleagues are now also enthusiastically recommending infusions of monoclonal antibodies. (Official government monoclonal antibody website. The call center for information on receiving monoclonal antibodies is 877-332-6585.)

Increase in children being hospitalized. Part of the problem is that there is another respiratory illness circulating, RSV. Also, unfortunately, kids with covid are not receiving treatment at home and so they can become worse. Dr. McCullough said they need asthma inhalers, perhaps an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. [I’d add child-sized doses of our nutrient helpers.]

Positive tested parents of a newborn. In answer to a listener question, Dr. McCullough said that if parents of a newborn test positive, what they do for the infant is give it fresh air (sunshine for vitamin D) and supportive care as needed for symptoms such as tylenol for a problematic fever and Pedialyte® for hydration. He said to open the windows even if it is hot and reduce the parents’ viral shedding as explained in the next section below. (That is probably a good idea for parents of a newborn even if they have been vaccinated.)

New tool. Dr. McCullough said there is increasing interest in his network in using povidone iodine mouthwash, gargle, and nasal spray to reduce nose and throat viral load in patients with covid-19. He cautioned not to swallow the solution. You can make your own by diluting this drug store product or betadine skin cleanser. Dilution = a few drops in a juice glass (4 ounce) of water. This solution sterilizes the mouth and if used on a Q-tip or as a spray, the nose. A study showed efficacy for this idea but noted that persons with thyroid problems may need to use extra caution. For those who are allergic to iodine, Dr. McCullough says diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide will work, or, if all else fails, original yellow Listerine. Swish and spit. [Don’t forget about what Dr. Levy told us about nebulizing hydrogen peroxide.}

Nutrition deficiencies. McCullough says that nutrition deficiencies (e.g. vitamin D and zinc) set you up for a poor outcome with covid-19. (Thank you, Bill Sardi, for teaching us that long ago.)

FDA final approval? Apparently, FDA’s so-called “final approval” of the Pfizer vaccine took place without the normal safety and disclosure steps. It was also based on data about the original, not the new, now pervasive, Delta variant! There was also some slight of hand wherein the agency didn’t actually approve the Pfizer vaccine that has been in use but another one, Comirnaty, by BioNTech. That one hasn’t even been manufactured yet and therefore is not available. This situation has caused confusion about the legality of corporate vaccine mandates and about Pfizer’s liability. Oddly, all the warnings about possible heart side effects, pregnancy, etc. will be in the Comirnaty product package insert, NOT the shot everyone is receiving.

Vaccinating younger children? Dr. McCullough says we have no way of knowing the appropriate dose for kids. Also, the genetic mRNA mechanism is of concern because younsters’ organs are still developing. We don’t know the effect of the mRNA collecting in them. It looks like the risk of harm is much greater than the chance of benefit. He says that one study prevented only 18 cases of the sniffles and made the kids sick as dogs. Young people (over 4,000 known so far) are suffering hard-to-treat heart inflammation, myocarditis, from the shots. [That potentially leads to heart failure and death]  BioNTech is on notice by the FDA to do more studies on this problem and use of their upcoming Comirnaty product and to include warnings in the package insert. Plus, Dr. McCullough says that the shots do not provide much offsetting benefit from serious covid disease.

Which vaccine is best? Dr. McCullough believes we will reach herd immunity and pointed out that we’ve now had about as many covid deaths since the vaccine as before it. Vaccination has not affected the scope of the pandemic. It is disconcerting that we are flying blind because we haven’t gotten any CDC reports about which of the 3 vaccine brands is performing better and is safer. He has seen science showing that Moderna contains more than 3 times the dose that Pfizer does and is 72% effective. By comparison Pfizer is now 42% effective. J & J we just don’t know. He noted that if a corporation is going to mandate a vaccine, wouldn’t they want to use the best one? [I want to know if Moderna causes 3 times the side effects!] He predicts an increase in reports of harm and lawsuits.

Booster shot for the immune compromised. Dr. McCullough thinks that we need better metrics to know how the vaccines are working and that better tests are coming. As for the idea of boosters for everyone after full vaccination (5, 6, or 8 months after depending on who is talking), It is suspicious that 2 high level FDA vaccine reviewer staffers  suddenly resigned apparently at least in part because of the way that recommendation came about.

Novavax. He is positive about the Novavax vaccine, but it will not be available until 4th quarter.

Why not vaccinate during a pandemic? Because that generates more variants.

Ivermectin. Pay no mind to the press about Ivermectin. E.g. Media called attention to Hydroxychloroquine calls to the Poison Control Centers but didn’t mention that they were mostly just to ask about dosage, not report trouble. Ivermectin should be taken with a meal or right after. Take all the prescribed tablets at one time rather than splitting. Avoid using veterinary Ivermectin products because of the difficulty translating animal dosage to human scale. Check this Library page for info on getting a prescription.

Monoclonal antibodies. This effective therapy is underutilized, especially by elders with health problems. Use them EARLY, as soon as possible after infection. If you go to the ER to get them, don’t let them “admit you as a hospital patient” because then for some bizarre reason you are no longer eligible. (!) For more information, visit the official government website. The call center for information on receiving monoclonal antibodies is 877-332-6585. Does not have side effects but is not a standalone treatment. It should be followed by the multi-drug and nutrient protocol we have discussed.

  • The way that the US government behaved in response to the swine flu “pandemic” of 1976 and the fallout from its vaccine pressure should give us serious pause about their pressure to get today’s covid-19 vaccines. A vintage 15-minute video clip of Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes is enlightening because that was back when the news media did real investigation and reported even uncomfortable facts…rather than just repeating government propaganda. Watch the video.
  • This Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance website is a great resource.

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