A Success and a Failure

😊 Glorious SUCCESS. During the December 15, 2018 radio program, Rosalind called Healthy by Nature. Two years ago, her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer. Based on information she learned from Bill Sardi, she began giving her husband IP6. She called the show to let Bill know that during a follow up appointment, the doctor could no longer find the liver cancer! Mr. Sardi said he often gets such reports. I have in fact seen grateful letters to him. One told of a person whose cancer had spread through the body. She was “fired from hospice” because she was no longer sick enough! She had been taking the recommended supplements (calcium, IP6, vitamin D3 and selenium).

Bill explained to our listeners that IP6 (from rice bran) binds up heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, and iron) which damage cells in our body. Iron is a double-edged sword, but most people are only unaware of its use in our blood to avoid anemia. However, in excess, iron causes premature aging and disease. Iron is stored in the liver where it can cause real trouble, but fortunately, IP6 chelates (or binds) it out. Mr. Sardi said that most men and postmenopausal females could benefit from an annual liver (and brain and kidney) cleanse with 1600 mg daily of IP6. (He does not sell an IP6 supplement or recommend any particular brand.)

😞 “Got Milk?” FAILURE. If you do have milk, I hope it has been fermented or at least ultra-heat treated. Too many mainstream diet dictocrats fail to include those qualifiers when they recommend that adults, children, and even infants drink cow’s milk. Those “experts” either have not done their homework or they have an economic interest in promoting common dairy. Unfortunately, we now know that untreated cow’s milk delivers disease-causing information to our genes. Human mother’s milk also carries gene-modifying messages, but, obviously, they are the ones nature intended.

I encourage everyone to read Bill Sardi’s article,Investigators Find The Genetic Delivery Man of Disease – And It’s In A Milk Carton.” He links to an extensive study documenting the problems. Normal pasteurization kills bacteria, but it does not rid milk of “exosomes” that carry the genetic messages…messages that can lead to obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Ultra-heat treating of organic milk gives it very extended “sell by” dates. It also eliminates the exosomes. Of course, that heat treating doesn’t keep people from being allergic to milk or from experiencing gastrointestinal problems due to the lactose sugar it contains. Milk that has been fermented into yogurt, kefir and real cheese is free of the worrisome exosomes and is often better tolerated by those folks. Just watch the added sugar in some fermented dairy products. After weaning from breast milk, humans do not need to consume milk. Other food sources of calcium include broccoli, almonds, dark green leafy vegetables, figs, seafood, oranges and beans.

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  1. Susan Brooke says:

    Hi Martie,

    I appreciate all your health info & radio show. On your article about milk, what about drinking raw milk? I do make kefir from it, but sometimes drink some raw milk, too. Also, give to my 1-1/2 yr old granddaughter who is no longer breastfeeding. Thanks for any additional insight you can give me.

    • healthybynature says:

      Hi Susan, Thank you for the kind comment. While I do think raw milk from a good farm is better on several accounts than commercial milk, it would still contain those exosomes. Fermenting is vastly better than the ultra-heat treating to get rid of them because you gain the benefits of the good bacteria and what they make. Horizon organic milk says all the right things on the carton.

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