May 19, 2018

Jenny Hrbacek is a Registered Nurse and cancer survivor. That led her to become a powerhouse cancer educator, author, speaker, and TV personality. We talked about strategies to prevent cancer, to catch it earlier than with typical screenings and to avoid a return of cancer. Jenny has created two dynamite resources. One is FREE, and every single home should have Living Cancer Free Made Simple. For your copy of this extremely useful resource, visit Simply fill out the form on the pop-up window and you will quickly get a reply containing a link to download that free resource. If you prefer to pay $4.95 shipping and handling to have a printed copy mailed to you, click here or call 800-460-2010.

For details on unlimited access to the 70 thought-provoking VIDEO interviews with laboratories, research experts, and leading integrative physicians around the country, go to and scroll down. To join that program, click the “Enroll” button. For 50% off the cost of that full program, use promo code: HBN50. You may also enroll in the program by calling call 800-460-2010 and order DVD’s if you wish. (With the discount code, the DVD’s cost $25 more).

In the last half of the show, pharmacist, nutritionist and author Ross Pelton was my guest. Of course, we talked about digestive health, nurturing our good bacteria, and what they make for us, but also our connection to the newest British Royalty. Dr. Pelton is also a scientific advisor for Essential Formulas, Inc. who bring us Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.

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