November 21, 2020

BE SURE TO LISTEN TO NEXT WEEK’S SHOW. IT FOLLOWS UP WITH IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT THIS SHOCKING INTERVIEW. Investigative health journalist, Jeff T Bowles, is the author of several important books and even a peer-reviewed scientific journal article. This week and the next we will discuss his amazing work, The Miraculous Cure For and Prevention of All Diseases—What Doctors Never Learned. Be prepared to be astounded! I know I was. When I interviewed him on the show Sept. 19, 2020, we discussed his book that had been censored by Amazon. Download the FREE e-book version of it at this link: 16 Fascinating.COVID-19 & Spanish Flu Mysteries SOLVED! FOR A COMPREHENSIVE DISCUSSION OF HOW HIGH DOSE VITAMIN D3 CAN PROTECT YOU FROM COVID-19, this LINKS TO a 1 HOUR YOUTUBE  DISCUSSION BY JEFF BOWLES WITH THE National Health Federation.You may find his searchable vitamin D cure database interesting and useful. He mentioned the Dr. Coimbra protocol which anyone with multiple sclerosis (MS) or other autoimmune disease should study. This show generated many questions and concerns which I hope will be answered when he is the guest again on 11/28. By the way, I have mention a liposomal spray vitamin D3 balanced with K2 supplement—THIS is it. There is a lot of additional information about vitamin D in this section of the HBN Library and in this one on D supplements, safety, testing and doses.