November 28, 2020

We followed up on last week’s shocking interview with investigative health journalist, Jeff T Bowles to answer some of the questions and concerns raised last week. Jeff is the author of several important books and even a peer-reviewed medical journal article. Our discussion last week was about his book, The Miraculous Cure For and Prevention of All Diseases—What Doctors Never Learned. WOW! When I interviewed him on the show Sept. 19, 2020, we discussed his book that had been censored by Amazon. Download the FREE e-book version of it at this link: 16 Fascinating. COVID-19 & Spanish Flu Mysteries SOLVED! You may find his searchable vitamin D cure database interesting and useful. By the way, this week, I mentioned a liposomal spray vitamin D3 with K2 supplement—read about that superior product. There is a lot of additional information about vitamin D benefits and basics in this section of the HBN Library and in this one on Vitamin D supplements, safety, testing and doses