We are very AWARE—now let’s PREVENT cancer!

We’ve been waging a conventional “war on cancer” since 1971 and yet death rates have remained relatively the same. The war strategy has been to find some silver bullet (translate that as “drug”) to kill cancer after it is established—i.e. we’ve been fighting the forest fire. We should be telling people how to blow out the match before it starts the fire—i.e. prevention. Cancers develop when something in the original plan has gone wrong—the body isn’t getting everything it needs for optimum function and is being sabotaged with excesses it can’t handle.

That is the first paragraph of my Library article Cancer Prevention and Treatment. It started out to cover prevention of breast cancer, but I broadened it because most of these factors apply to other types of cancer. I list 13 categories and lots of specifics and resources.

New items added to that article deserve to be noted here:

  • Cannell called our attention to a recent STUDY that shows that women with Vitamin D blood levels of  60 ng/ml have nearly 80% lowered risk of breast cancer than those at only 20ng/ml! Higher blood levels = even lower risk. Vitamin D helps us make neutrophils (one type of immune cell). Please donate to help the Vitamin D Council continue to share this kind of lifesaving information. (They have had a little trouble with the website. If you don’t receive a confirmation after you click “submit”, call 1-805-439-1075 to donate or mail a check to 4108 Del Rey Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90290.)
  • Bill Sardi recently reminded us that zinc helps the thymus gland keep from shrinking with age and so it can better make T cells (an immune cell). He also noted that resveratrol increases production of another important immune cell, natural killer cells.

I also recommend reading my article on Pancreatic Cancer. The factors shown to protect us from this very hard to treat disease are surely valuable for protection from other types and for helping the body fight them off when they already have a foothold.

Integrative cancer specialist, Dr. Gus Kotsanis provided his advice regarding cancer: 10 Steps to Thrive.

It always helps to hear not just theory but real life examples of nature at work. Read this Survivor Letter.

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