BAD News vs GOOD News – Part 2

NOTE: In Part 1, we discussed the age connection with covid-19; gut health; research showing that the disease is less lethal than we’ve been told; mental health during confinement; and that pets and zoo animals can get the virus. We continue today…

Bad news. Some experts say that we may have a second wave of coronavirus next fall, likely at the same time the seasonal flu appears.

Good news! That gives us time to at least improve our immune function. Bill Sardi said, “Doctors aren’t familiar with nutrients that normalize the immune response, namely vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc and resveratrol. (Learn more about those from these Library articles on vitamin D, resveratrol and zinc.)  Then there are the now infamous “underlying conditions” (such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems) which increase the risk of a serious case of the covid-19 disease. We did not likely develop those conditions overnight, and so, it may take more than a few months to kick them completely. However, we can surely make significant progress in that direction which should help our resistance to viruses. Fortunately, there is a natural approach for each and a natural substitute for virtually any medication.)

Bad news. We’re #1 the world. Sadly, that record is not coveted because it is for the greatest number of cases of covid-19. We also have the greatest number of deaths from it.

Good news!  One reason for this unappealing record is that the US has a larger population than any of the other hotspots except China. (Many suspect that China’s reporting of cases has been inaccurate and is probably much higher.) We also rank higher in the # of cases because we have done more testing by far than any other country. (You count cases you did not look for.) Besides the greater size of the US, I think there are other reasons for the higher number of deaths.

  • We have apparently been calling nearly every death from a respiratory infection, “covid-19”. The death certificate form basically says to do that unless it has clearly been confirmed to be pneumonia, TB, COPD, etc. (If someone dies with covid-19, he or she is considered to have died from) Hospitals are incentivized with 3 time more money for putting coronavirus patients on ventilators (which some experts say damages lung tissue and increases death risk).
  • China used traditional Chinese Medicine (e.g. herbs) to improve outcomes and has been testing intravenous vitamin C, while the US uses just pharmaceutical drugs for symptoms.
  • Other countries have better diets and lower levels of underlying health conditions.
  • I’m guessing that we have more seniors exposed in crowded environments like nursing homes where in Europe for example, the elderly may still be in family homes.

Bad news. It is recommended that everyone wear masks while out of the house—e.g. going to the grocery.

Good news! If everyone is wearing them, we will not feel so silly. Since the N95 masks are still in short supply and are needed for healthcare workers, here is a link to instructions for making your own. Also, here is a good source of ready made comfortable Organic Cotton Masks.

Bad news. CDC guidelines have us washing our hands…constantly it seems.

Good news!We have at least learned the correct way to do it—i.e. standard soap (NOT anti-bacterial) is best and it takes 20 seconds of rubbing. If we develop a habit that lasts, in the future we will experience fewer cases of other infectious diseases and food-borne illness.

I am looking forward to soon writing a blog that is ONLY good news.

2 Responses

  1. Kathy Tipps says:

    Thank you so much for all of the amazing information you provide! It has been a life changer for me!

    Regarding masks…there is a pretty decent study out of U of Chicago that suggests that masks made of blends actually provide the most protection. I will leave it to you to decide whether it is worth including.

    Thank you again!

    Kathy Tipps

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