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Faith in the Lord is wonderful. Faith in mere mortals must be earned. We are expected to automatically take the word of our federal institutions and leaderse.g. just shut up and get the vaccination. Have they earned that faith? If you think the government could not possibly be mistaken or, worse yet, have a hidden agenda regarding the way it has managed various aspects of the covid-19 crisis, you may be just the kind of obedient follower they are depending on. Understand that there doesn’t have to be a grand evil conspiracy per se (but don’t be surprised if it turns out there was). Government entities and officials can go wrong simply based on human frailties such as: haste, carelessness, pride, lack of information, narrow mindedness, politics, stubbornness, power-hunger, and/or greed. Recently, I wrote a page for the covid section of the Library about the government’s abysmal track record regarding health. I’ve just added the two shocking items just below and at the bottom of this blog, I call attention to the FDA’s current move to limit your access to dietary supplements.

  • The Tuskegee Syphilis Study. In 1932, the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) enrolled 400 African American men from Tuskegee, Alabama in a “study.” The men were not told that the purpose was to see what would happen if they were not given any treatment for syphilis or were they even told that they had the disease. The subjects were recruited with misleading promises of “special free treatment,” which were actually spinal taps done without anesthesia [!!!] to study the neurological effects of the disease. The subjects received heavy metals therapy [???] but were denied antibiotic therapy even into the 1950s when that was the preferred treatment for syphilis. On several occasions, the USPHS actually sought to prevent treatment. Not until 1972, when accounts of the study first appeared in the national press, did the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) halt the experiment. At that time, 74 of the test subjects were still alive; at least 28, but perhaps more than 100, had died directly from advanced syphilis. In 1992, a class action lawsuit obtained some financial compensation for the remaining participants [victims!] and President Clinton publicly apologized on behalf of the federal government to the handful of study survivors in April 1997. This unethical and cruel government program lasted 65 years! I added the text in [these brackets] but I copied most of this disgraceful information from an online historical article.
  • Forced sterilization. “In 1907, Indiana became the first state in the country to successfully pass a mandatory forced sterilization law impacting the ‘feebleminded,’ a term used at the time to refer to the mentally handicapped. Some other states followed suit and even wanted to apply the principle to prison inmates and even the poor. 1970, the federal government “dramatically increased Medicaid-funded sterilization of low-income Americans, primarily those of color. While these sterilizations were “voluntary” as a matter of policy, anecdotal evidence later suggested that they were often involuntary as a matter of practice. Patients were frequently misinformed or left uninformed regarding the nature of the procedures that they’d agreed to undergo.” If you think that kind of cruel and bigoted practice could only happened in Nazi Germany, read the history: Eugenics and Forced Sterilization in the U.S.

Notice that in neither of those cases did people have informed consent. That is still going on today. We are not getting the full story regarding early home treatments for covid-19 or about the downsides of vaccines. We’ve  been able to protect and even treat ourselves with dietary supplements. However, neither the drug makers nor the FDA like that and so the supplements are being threatened. Please read on.

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Threatens Consumer Access to Preferred Supplements. The agency’s longstanding cozy relationship with big Pharma and its fundamental bias against dietary supplements seems headed toward endangering my health and yours. Quoting from this article by the nonprofit National Health Federation: “The 50% of Americans using dietary supplements will not be pleased to learn that Congress and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are colluding to threaten consumer access to cherished health care – and during a pandemic when supplements rise in importance to save lives. Will you please oppose the unconscionable legislative and regulatory proposals for the FDA to place dietary supplements on a list for market elimination? … The FDA has stated it will finalize next year its draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients (NDIs)…which would subject more than 30,000 “new” [new = any first marketed or changed after 1994] supplements to harsh and unnecessary drug-like regulations to prove their safety. We already know that supplements are about the safest consumer product someone can ingest, safer even than food. Why drive their cost up just to satisfy unnecessary and costly regulations? Many supplements will even be driven out of the market because they will not be worth the time and money to “prove” to the FDA’s satisfaction that they are safe.” [Clarification. In the article a graphic shows 106,000 deaths from pharmaceuticals. In fact, that number is only drugs given as prescribed in hospitals. Medical mistakes and outpatient deaths make number dramatically higher.] Click here to make your voice heard.

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