Cancer prevention and patient support options

One hundred years ago, cancer was the #5 cause of premature death. When we began our conventional “WAR on cancer” in 1971 (almost 50 years ago) it was #3. Today it is #2 (unless you count the total of medication side effects, medical mistakes, hospital acquired infections, etc. which would push cancer back to #3). Some of that rise is due to some diseases moving down the list. Yes, what they call “survival”, still alive at 5 years, has improved. That is due mostly to folks giving up cigarettes and excessive sun exposure, plus earlier detection of cancers. However, a shocking number of people still must be treated for cancer and because conventional treatment so damages the immune system, the rates that cancer returns after 5 years are alarming. And, there has been a 250% increase in breast cancer since 1980.

If we were looking at the situation objectively from another planet, we’d have to conclude that Americans must be doing something(s) to generate more cancer and that the current treatment approach is not all that effective…in spite of the near $100 billion spent on research and a like amount spent every year on treatment! The “war” strategy has been mainly chasing some silver bullet (translate that as “drug”) to kill cancer after it has become established—i.e. we’ve been fighting the forest fire. We should be telling people how to blow out the match before it starts the fire—i.e. prevention. Science continues to discover genes linked to certain cancers and big pharma invents sophisticated (and horrendously expensive) drugs to tell the immune system what to do regarding a single gene that affects a particular cancer. Side effects abound.

However, I think the really exciting research is into how nutrients and other natural substances can change how many genes behave to avoid and even cure cancer. Although there are many kinds of cancer, the basic causes and nutritional support for them are very similar. So, don’t be afraid to read about “pancreatic cancer” or “breast cancer” even if that is not what you are worried about. Also, what is good for prevention should also be considered during treatment.

The paragraphs above are the introduction to what is a major new overhaul of the information about cancer in the website Library. If you are interested in prevention you might like to read it. If you know someone with cancer, please do them a service and send them this link. They might just find the life saving answer(s) they have been looking for.

These are the subjects on the cancer page: Causes of Cancer to avoid, Detection Options, Natural Supportive Steps (with sections on diet, gut, various supplements and remedies, body weight, toxins, alcohol, exercise, stress/anger, hormone therapy, sleep/shift work, stem cells), links to Related Pages (Building Immune Function, Pancreatic Cancer, a Survivor Story, 10 steps from Dr. Kotsanis), Treatment Options, links to outside sites with good information, past Radio Shows, Books, Charities and services for patients.

Yes, it is a lot, but for someone in the fight of their life, I think they would want as much good information as they could get and unfortunately, they will not likely hear any of this at the conventional oncology clinic.

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