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The media fuzzy on details of recent supplement stories

Healthy by Nature radio show this week

Jonathan R. Latham, PhD is a plant biologist who early in his career worked with genetically modified plants (often called GMOs for Genetically Modified Organisms). Now he has joined the many scientists concerned with the effect of GMOs on our health and the environment. GMOs are increasingly hidden in our food supply and we need to know why that might be a problem. Dr. Latham also points to proven collusion between the giant agribusiness and chemical industries, supposedly neutral experts, PR companies, and administrators of universities–all in the service of promoting GMOs and the pesticides they support. Dr. Latham is Executive Director of the Bioscience Research Project. At the beginning of the show there is a little more I’d like to say about the dangers of medications for children.

Drugs, supplements and confusion

Too often the media is a bit fuzzy about the details in stories about dietary supplements. In fact, I could probably spend full time writing “clarifications” of what the health news actually means for the public. In this week’s blog I discuss the Lamar Odom news, the study about calcium/vitamin D for colon polyps and the idea that supplements send people to the ER. Click here to read the blog

Poisoning kids while trying to help them?

The FDA is to evaluate the risk of codeine cough and cold medicines for children. Read article. I also ran across this article by the Mayo Clinic on their take on the topic and their recommendation to avoid them for toddlers. That is just one of many reasons I am excited about safe, natural homeopathic Remedy Ice.

Please watch this video and help if you possibly can.

Last Week Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives.

This was a fun live remote show at the Natural HealthFest Fall Edition. I’d been seeing new research on the reasons we need to make sure we have enough DHEA. So, I arranged to talk to Hugh Woodward of Twist25. He offered listeners a 15% discount in addition to quantity discounts if they gave the discount code Martie. The deal is on only until the end of October. You can also call 1-888-489-4782. I also talked with Lisa Johnson about this nifty water filter that can go in a filter pitcher you already own or they sell it with a pitcher. I think this is more beneficial and environmentally sound than the common ones. Rachel Wilson joined us to talk about Remedy Ice and how you can help improve the way children are treated for health problems.

Vaccines revisited. More to the measles story.

Doctor Vaccinating Child Baby Flu Injection Shot I

First let me make it clear what I am NOT saying. I’m NOT telling people to refuse vaccines for themselves or their children. I can sympathize with the goals of each side of the debate. I am NOT going to talk about the question of vaccines and the claimed link to autism. However, I just don’t see how a person can make an informed decision without more facts, especially in the face of all the fear-mongering, bulling and shaming that is going on. Intelligent people who ask reasonable questions are belittled and told that there is no legitimate view other than that of those with the bullhorns. My aim here is simply to provide some viable options and food for thought so that we can discuss this issue like adults. Although the excitement today is about measles, the issues below really apply to all immunizations.

Vaccinations in general:

  • A Huffington post article points to renowned and respected medical experts who have concerns about vaccines, but who are routinely ignored by the mainstream media.


There are more than just the two answers (vaccinate or don’t) that are getting all the coverage. Many serious concerns can be handled by just changing how we immunize:

  • Wait longer to start immunizations. At least wait until infants have the immune capacity to benefit from the shots and deal with the effects.
  • Eliminate one of the risk factors in the vaccines, mercury. It is used as a preservative and an adjuvant (activator). This metal is toxic to the nervous system and shots without it are available.
  • Don’t give several immunization at one time. The problems with shots for Measles, Mumps and Rubella may stem mostly from them being given together as MMR.
  • Consider the homeopathic approach. It has all of the benefits and none of the risk factors of standard vaccines. Visit this site for some of the successful large scale research done on homeoprophylaxis around the world. Click here for our radio interview on the topic. See additional links below under Resources.
  • It seems quite likely that there are certain categories of children who are more susceptible to vaccine side effects, but scientists mask those differences whenever study results are lumped together as large populations. I think there is enough evidence to make it worth looking at least at those who are low in key nutrients (vitamin D, like B vitamins, and magnesium) and those who lack proper gut bacteria.
  • The media must stop pretending that there is no potential harm to vaccines and implying that anyone who asks questions is an idiot. The stories about children being perfectly fine before immunizations and becoming permanent zombies after them may be relatively rare, but they are real and heartbreaking. There obviously is a reason that the government maintains a substantial Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund.



(Note, if you have an app that rates websites, don’t be surprised if virtually any alternative medicine site is flagged with a warning. It seems likely that drug companies and their so-called quack-busters are responsible for the bad reviews.)

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