Vaccines revisited. More to the measles story.

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First let me make it clear what I am NOT saying. I’m NOT telling people to refuse vaccines for themselves or their children. I can sympathize with the goals of each side of the debate. I am NOT going to talk about the question of vaccines and the claimed link to autism. However, I just don’t see how a person can make an informed decision without more facts, especially in the face of all the fear-mongering, bulling and shaming that is going on. Intelligent people who ask reasonable questions are belittled and told that there is no legitimate view other than that of those with the bullhorns. My aim here is simply to provide some viable options and food for thought so that we can discuss this issue like adults. Although the excitement today is about measles, the issues below really apply to all immunizations.

Vaccinations in general:

  • A Huffington post article points to renowned and respected medical experts who have concerns about vaccines, but who are routinely ignored by the mainstream media.


There are more than just the two answers (vaccinate or don’t) that are getting all the coverage. Many serious concerns can be handled by just changing how we immunize:

  • Wait longer to start immunizations. At least wait until infants have the immune capacity to benefit from the shots and deal with the effects.
  • Eliminate one of the risk factors in the vaccines, mercury. It is used as a preservative and an adjuvant (activator). This metal is toxic to the nervous system and shots without it are available.
  • Don’t give several immunization at one time. The problems with shots for Measles, Mumps and Rubella may stem mostly from them being given together as MMR.
  • Consider the homeopathic approach. It has all of the benefits and none of the risk factors of standard vaccines. Visit this site for some of the successful large scale research done on homeoprophylaxis around the world. Click here for our radio interview on the topic. See additional links below under Resources.
  • It seems quite likely that there are certain categories of children who are more susceptible to vaccine side effects, but scientists mask those differences whenever study results are lumped together as large populations. I think there is enough evidence to make it worth looking at least at those who are low in key nutrients (vitamin D, like B vitamins, and magnesium) and those who lack proper gut bacteria.
  • The media must stop pretending that there is no potential harm to vaccines and implying that anyone who asks questions is an idiot. The stories about children being perfectly fine before immunizations and becoming permanent zombies after them may be relatively rare, but they are real and heartbreaking. There obviously is a reason that the government maintains a substantial Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund.



(Note, if you have an app that rates websites, don’t be surprised if virtually any alternative medicine site is flagged with a warning. It seems likely that drug companies and their so-called quack-busters are responsible for the bad reviews.)

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  1. Ethan Hansen says:

    I found it interesting how you mentioned how you should stagger your immunisations to avoid any complications. My granddaughter is getting older and my daughter has felt as if vaccinations can cause lasting problems with her development. I will be sure to pass this on to him so my granddaughter can be protected from the recent measles outbreak!

    • healthybynature says:

      The whole immunization issue is so emotional that it is hard to have a rational debate. Having experienced a childhood disease does help our immune systems long term and vaccinations can indeed have unintended consequences. (An article by Bill Sardi points to an interesting study about unexpected after effects.) On the other hand, some kiddos are not as well prepared to recover from those childhood infections. Likewise, there is no one-size-fits all answer when it comes to getting immunized. It seems that there are sub-groups of children (and adults) that suffer more side effects. In another brilliant article, Mr. Sardi describes the vaccination detail and some of those side effects. He has also made a great point on the show that kids need nutrients to respond well to vaccines (or to successfully fight the disease if they are unvaccinated). That nutritional angle may be the main point we are missing in all this.

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