Covid-19 Update and Summary—Part 1

As of the date of this blog, the world has been dealing with the danged covid-19 pandemic for about 7 months.  And yet, it seems that we still have more questions than answers. I do not claim that the points below are definitive answers. They are simply the most up-to-date data-driven information, resources, and opinions that I could deliver. Not knowing what would be of the most interest to you, the items are in alphabetical order. (“Prevention” and “Natural Remedies” will be on next week’s Part 2.)

Case #’s. There is much confusion about these numbers and other statistics because of inconsistencies and lags in reporting as well as variations in definitions. The chart at this link shows cases by country and lists USA as having over 6 million  which is about 1.9% of our population. What those numbers do not reflect are the millions of people who were never tested because they had mild or no symptoms (up to 80% of infections) or who did not have access to testing. On the other hand, inflating case numbers happens when hospitals label as covid-19 any upper respiratory ailment (e.g. flu, pneumonia or Tuberculosis) because the hospital is paid more for covid cases. And, as we will discuss next week, the testing is not 100% reliable.

Censorship. The establishment (i.e. US government agencies and vested interests like hospital and pharmaceutical trade groups) are committed to the drug approach. They have no interest in low cost nutritional remedies. Sadly, they also seem to have no interest in prevention of covid-19…except for the use of vaccines and their mandates for social distancing, masks and hand washing. Because of the establishment’s enormous power (think FDA / FTC regulations) and deep pockets (think big pharma’s billions spent in marketing and lobbying), they have the ability to put a squeeze on information sources. For example, social media periodically shuts down posts that don’t suit their view of the world. Dr. Joseph Mercola’s popular website is one of many valuable resources to receive a FDA warning letter. Amazon has banned John T Bowles’ great book, 16 Fascinating Covid-19 & Spanish Flu Mysteries HOW TO EASILY PREVENT THE NEXT PANDEMIC. It is Amazon’s right to sell whatever they want, but in this case, they are in effect killing people by depriving customers of this life-saving information. The author, John Bowers has more integrity and is offering an e-book version at no charge at least until Amazon repents. Send a request to: [email protected]

Death statistics. Of course, one death is too many. However, because statistics guide public policy, they should be accurate, not artificially jacked up. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reportedly told the healthcare network that if there is any doubt, deaths should be called covid-19—even if the patient was not tested. Motorcycle injuries, heart attacks, hip fracture complications and gunshot wounds are examples of deaths illogically labeled as “covid-19”. Such problems are common elsewhere, but those specific examples were reported by the CBS affiliate in Palm Beach County, Florida. Video  (It is probably not a coincidence that, reports of deaths from heart disease, stroke and cancer have dropped precipitously.) Another factor is that we do not know how many will succumb to side effects of the disease years from now.

Deaths from covid-19 as the single cause are very low. Bill Sardi wrote about these statistics. Anyway, if we take the mainstream statistics at face value, out of 6,307,855 US cases, 190,362 Americans have died. The simple math makes that a 3% death rate. However, we know that a huge percentage of infected person are never tested. So, experts looking at more realistic figures (e.g. deducting deaths that would normally have been expected from other conditions), they come up with a mortality rate less than half of that. Even the CDC says the rate is lower, i.e. less than 1%. As my mom used to say, “Statistics don’t lie but statisticians do” (by selecting the figures and comparisons that support their theories). Other than making it sound worse than the flu and thereby justifying the lockdown, what is the advantage to the establishment of making the pandemic sound worse than it is? That is simple—power. “They” can make us hold still while they enact policies we don’t like and gain more control of our lives.

Distancing. Common sense says to stay away from sick people. However, since people who don’t have symptoms may not know that they are infected, it makes sense to avoid being close to people who are not in your household. Parties and crowded bars tend to be “superspreader events,” so avoid them.

Elderly. Although 80% of deaths from covid occur in the elderly, the problem is more their condition than their age. The obese and diabetics can die at younger ages from covid and healthy persons well over age 100 have recovered. It is just that as we age, the odds increase that there will be underlying conditions.

NEXT WEEK, Part 2 will cover Flu, Gloves, Lockdown, Masks, Medications, Natural Remedies, Panic, Prevention, Sanitizers, School, Testing, Vaccine, Ventilators.

6 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    One death is too many? The medical community is hardly worried about the 200,000-300,000 (likely many more) that die in the US alone from medical errors including drug errors. Seems that we are getting in a lather about the wrong things. I would rather come in contact with Covid and get immunity naturally than ever get a vaccine. We are going to trust some quickie-invented vaccine when there has never been any vaccine created for any coronavirus even though they have been trying for about a decade? Over 90% of vaccines are failures and it takes 5-10 years of development and thorough testing before they are marketed. NO THANKS. We are going to poke 328 million Americans to save 10-20,000 lives? I can’t stop laughing about this vaccine hoax. Gates has been trying for 20 years to find a vaccine for Malaria and has failed miserably. So, they want me to trust Dr. Gates who no doubt has a dozen on-line medical degrees? NO WAY…EVER!

    • Healthy By Nature says:

      Tom, You make many good points. For example, priorities. If we add up medical errors, hospital acquired infections, deadly side effects of medications given as prescribed in hospital, etc. that number is the number one cause of death and equals a jumbo jet crashing every day. I will tackle vaccines next week.

  2. Ann Sewell says:

    I am so appalled at the sensoring of information and the out and out evil denial of the Medical Groups Financiers of our access to Hydrochloroquine. (along with zinc) Is there any way we can hsve a class action suit started to hold those accountable through Torte ?? Thank you for what you do.

    • Healthy By Nature says:

      You are right. Sometimes a lawsuit is the only way to get attention, but I think this is too complex and there is too much money on the other side.

  3. Diane says:

    The CDC has recently admitted they are off by 94% in their original fatality count. That’s huge! Yet this admission is not widely publicized! That’s a HUGE error.

    And they never explain what a “case” is. Are these people asymptomatic? How many of these “cases” are hospitalized? Nobody knows since the CDC never qualifies their terms.

    And even the tests they use are inaccurate as numerous medical personnel have advised us. How can we take any of these government agencies seriously?

    With the 94% inaccuracy in the original death count, how can Covid 19 even be considered an epidemic? Even after their admission of error, they continue to mandate masks (my box of masks says right on the box that the masks don’t prevent viruses), they continue to tell us to “social distance,” and children are not allowed to continue their education in a normal fashion and adults are being told not to gather together for the holiday.

    Does anyone else want to scream?

    • Healthy By Nature says:

      I think the key point is the small number is those with ONLY coronavirus. The big number are deaths that had a comorbidity such as heart disease.

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