Drowning in drugs – can we really poison our way to health?

Disclaimer: Some medications save lives (if used properly in a crisis). For people who are unwilling or unable to change their diet and lifestyle, drugs can help manage their chronic conditions. Of course, nothing I say below means that I recommend you stop a medication without your doctor’s advice. Note: psychiatric medications are the most dangerous to stop suddenly.

Understand that I’m not taking aim at the type of prescription that merely supplements low levels of something natural the body needs. Examples of that type are insulin for a type 1 diabetic and thyroid hormone. My worry is about chemical concoctions that have not been on the planet before. The human body has had no experience with them and those drugs typically interfere with a bodily process to calm a symptom. Unfortunately, in the process they also usually interfere with a process we need. Have you ever closed your eyes during a TV drug commercial, so that you aren’t distracted by the pretty pictures and can hear the potentially lethal side effects they mention so casually? I am also frustrated with the way drugs are marketed and prescribed. Doesn’t it seem unnatural and dangerous to you that 20% of the population take five or more drugs each day? The main reason is likely that the pharmaceutical industry has been proven to have undue influence on the FDA, the US Congress, state regulators / attorneys general, medical schools and medical journals.

Drugs may keep a symptom under control, but they rarely (if ever) cure a problem. Meds are too often prescribed when there is no proven necessity, when there are less toxic alternatives, in doses that are arbitrarily too high, for longer than makes sense, and in combinations that have never been tested (polypharmacy). Author pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, taught us in her book, Drug Muggers, that nearly all these obviously potentially toxic chemicals contribute to nutrient deficiencies. As I point out in my book Natural Alternatives to Nexium, acid-blocking heartburn drugs are only safe to use for a few weeks. One reason is that because they interfere with absorption of several nutrients (including critically important vitamin B12 and magnesium), long term use can be life-threatening.

Antibiotics have been routinely overused. Up to 50% of the time they aren’t even useful (e.g. they do not help colds caused by viruses or sinus trouble caused by yeast). They kill our good gut bacteria. Those are so amazingly beneficial that I wrote a whole book about them (The Probiotic Cure). Because tons (literally) of antibiotics are used in farming, many bacteria have become immune to their effects. That may leave us without antibiotic protection when major illness strikes.

Too many medications are only marginally more helpful than placebo or watchful waiting. Some obscenely expensive ones are no better than the cheaper variety that came before it. Many will change a test result, but precious few have been shown to prolong life.

In contrast, natural remedies are typically very safe and, because they enhance the body’s natural processes, they usually provide fringe benefits…helping something you weren’t even working on.

Check out this Library Page which lists links to save money on drugs, guides to drug safety (e.g. interactions, identify a pill, side effects, patient comments), statistics on use, evidence of willful wrongdoing by the pharmaceutical industry, vaccine info, radio interviews and helpful books on the topic.

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